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IceBear - June 10 Sunday Going to Fiji

Hey Folks,

We left Tonga after 12 days of rest and relaxation,getting provisions and fuel and enjoying Enolei Botanical Garden and the VaVaU group.The Kingdom of Tonga was like no other group of islands we visited. It is a lush New England green and reminds me of Maine, except for the palm trees.Its people are proud and dignified, usually wearing their customary skirts even for the men. They are very religious and church services are formal and crowded with church goers, unlike trends you see in the states where numbers of attendees are dwindling.

So far, for the last 3 legs, there is only Kurt and myself. That is from Tahiti we had Calle who was awesome. We raced the Tahiti Pearl Regatta with Calle, but he said goodbye to be on Pretaixte when we arrived in Bora Bora. From Bora Bora we sailed to Suwarrow, then to Tonga, and now, to the Lau Group in Fiji. With only two, the legs are more of an endurance contest with less sleep and relaxation. From the Lau Group we sail south to Valuga, then make our way in any number of routes to Musket Cove. 

Our World Arc friends have become very tight and we talk with the other boats frequently regarding any boat issues and for me, any health issues.Dengue Fever has been caught by one person from a mosquito bite and another person is thought to have it now. Thankfully, both persons are recovered or recovering.

See you in Valuva Baluva,the Lau Group, Fiji 

P.S. Yes, we crossed the International dateline and it is Sunday, not Saturday!


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