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Owner Kevin Rush
Design Leopard 44
Length Overall 12 m 98 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Libeccio - The equator!

Well, at 6:00pm tonight we crossed the magical "00 degrees 00.000 minutes" into the Southern Hemisphere. It capped a rather pleasant day- unfortunately the wind gods were taking a break, but, so were the wave wizards and so we had an increasingly smooth ride through the day. Neptune put on quite the show through the day as we were treated with large pod of whales enjoying themselves broaching and tail slapping. This was followed by a huge school of dolphins that were also inspired to give us an aerial show. Just before sunset, there was a school of fish, we are not sure which, that also spent more time in the air than they did in the water. What a treat. We used the calmness to make Libeccio a little more shipshape as we expect to arrive on San Cristobal at about 8:00 am on Thursday. read more...


Libeccio - Another First!

Yes, we know- this is the second blog post in as many days. Normally, there can be weeks in between. We will keep this one short as wanted to celebrate catching our first fish of the WARC. We realise that the vast majority of boats will have already caught many fish by this time, but, we have not started to try to fish until this leg. We have to say a big Thanks! to Mark on Mad Monkey for his tutorial on how to arrange our "muppets", yes, seriously, that is what they call the lures. Paul had tried initially yesterday when we were being followed by a small school of very large fish that we initially thought were dolphins, but, they never surfaced or swam by our bows as they tend to do. It was literally 5 seconds after Paul had dropped the lure in the water that it was struck by one of. read more...


Libeccio - It has been awhile!

Hi, hope you all are well. As most of those who read this blog are also friends of ours on SV Libeccio on Facebook, you will have caught up with our time in the San Blas Islands, through the Panama Canal and to the awards night in Las Perlas (did we mention that Jane and I were the second fastest catamaran in the second leg!). Its currently Monday the 12th at 8:30 pm (20:30 for you 24 hour clock people), we have had a tasty meal of vegetarian fajitas prepared by the internationally recognised team of Paul and Jane. Internationally recognised because Paul lives in BC, Canada and Jane lives in Kent in the UK. There is a huge bank of ominous looking clouds on the horizon and so we have gone to defcon 2 in preparation: all hatches closed, side plastics have been unfurled and tied into place. read more...


Libeccio - Spectacular Welcome at the San Blas Islands

You may recall from the previous blog entry that we had wasted the better part of the day with just the genoa as we waited for the anticipated increase in winds to the 30's. The increase did not arrive and contrary to our general approach to night time, we increased our sail rather than decreased it. The decision to raise the main with 2 reefs was just the tonic to get us going again and we are pleased to stay that we made very good time- helped by a steady increase in the winds as we approached the San Blas Islands. As it turned out, we were able to take 4 hours off of our arrival time and managed to cross the finish line at 9:15 am. The original thinking was that it is best to approach islands with coral surrounding them between the hours of 10 and 2-- the time that the sun is at its. read more...


Libeccio - Travelling in company, a virtual party mid passage and lightening the way

Hi, we are on the second day of our 290nm passage from Santa Marta to the San Blas Islands. The strong winds of the evening carried into the daylight and we decided that, as the forecast for the balance of the day was for 27 -30 kn winds, we would retire the mainsail completely and just use the furling genoa. This had the advantage that it would be a whole lot easier to decrease our sail area. So mid morning we did just that. For those of you that have read our blogs for previous trips you will know that generally things such as this do not normally go to plan. In today's case, the winds seemed to drop the moment we dropped the main. However, being conservative sailors we decided to keep the minimal sail area up through out the day- and the wind still remained low.At this stage our. read more...

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