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Owner Andreas Hanakamp
Design Akilaria 40
Length Overall 12 m 19 cm
Flag Austria
Sail Number AUT40

Class40 Yacht

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Vaquita - Udo Moser and Nico Delle Karth sail Vaquita into the night

Udo Moser and Nico Delle Karth sail Vaquita into the night. A decisive phase for the outcome of the race lies ahead for the team on Vaquita. Who will keep the breeze and not stop in calm? Vaquita or the southern fleet of Berenice, Kid and Petrel.. read more...


Vaquita - week one

Day seven in our third ARC and I haven't managed to report back and have only taken 15 photos and a short video. Maybe I got a bit lazy, but have had quite a bit on as well!Very tricky start this year; two wind systems fighting each other. A last minute headsail change and the blanketing of larger yachts stopped us 50 meters from the line. Only Berenice got right away into the fresh southerly wind, while we had to fight light winds downwind.Once free we opted for a mid inshore route to get into the southerly breeze. The plan worked out alright and we found ourselves amidst much larger yachts in position 4 or 5. Near the airport we had to let Auliana and Tyke go; there's no way we can keep up with yachts 20 feet longer hard on the wind.While the Madeira low delivered some exceptional ARC. read more...


Vaquita - It has been very wet.... time to dry out

Week one on Vaquita has been horribly wet, so we've welcomed some sunshine and a chance to dry everything out.Andreas20121201_vaquita_1 20121201_vaquita_2. read more...


Vaquita - Nov 29

Breaking News:  Near Miss,  Vaquita Hunts Shark Reliable sources from mid Atlantic reported a hungry Vaquita hunting a 12 foot shark on the way to the Carribean. Even though the Vaquita closed  in at breakneck speed, the shark escaped with a sudden dive maneuovre, leaving the Vaquita angry and hungry for other  prey. The same sources reported bigger prey ahead and appearently the Vaquita is aware of this fact as she was seen speeding up again after the near miss. The Vaquita seems to be keen closing in before the prey can seek shelter in Rodney Bay Marina / Saint Lucia. Stop Press NNN Mid Atlantic Philosopher Summit (MAPS) today discussed the emotions a keel bulb must overcome beeing pushed through pitch black water, 5000m above the seabad at 20+ knots of. read more...


Vaquita - November 27, 2011

Nov 27, 2011 ARC report from Vaquita 1000miles since we reported from Vaquita, its about time to call in again. Thanks to World Cruising form mentioning Vaquita, indeed size doesnt matter endurance and heart does.A Vaquita is quite a small, not to say tiny species, compared with her much bigger relatives, the Blue Whale, the Fin Whale, Northern and Southern Right Whale and even the Dolphins. Vaquitas live in the Bahia California only, are small, nice, clever and cheerful.There are just little more Vaquitas left as there are in the ARC. They are endangered to become extinct. After the Wesailforthewhale campaign in the last Volvo Ocean Race, we keep supporting the work of the WDCS with the Vaquita campaign. So please check out and support their work to preserve Vaquitas,. read more...

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