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Vaquita - Nov 29

Breaking News:  Near Miss,  Vaquita Hunts Shark
Reliable sources from mid Atlantic reported a hungry Vaquita hunting a 12 foot shark on the way to the Carribean. Even though the Vaquita closed  in at breakneck speed, the shark escaped with a sudden dive maneuovre, leaving the Vaquita angry and hungry for other  prey. The same sources reported bigger prey ahead and appearently the Vaquita is aware of this fact as she was seen speeding up again after the near miss. The Vaquita seems to be keen closing in before the prey can seek shelter in Rodney Bay Marina / Saint Lucia.
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Mid Atlantic Philosopher Summit (MAPS) today discussed the emotions a keel bulb must overcome beeing pushed through pitch black water, 5000m above the seabad at 20+ knots of boatspeed and some slimy ocean dweller touching her skin. Findings are going to be published next week in Sicentific American and Nature.
Liquid silver has negative effect on oceanic wave pattern
Scientists confirmed a theory that the specific weight of a medium determines the size and pattern of waves, in particular the  specific weight difference at the boundery layer counts. Today at 1800Z a thin altostratus cloud layer developed around 16N048W and converted the Mid Atlantic Sea Water (MASW) within seconds into Mid Atlantic Ocean Silver (MAOS), which confused the seas badly. A 2030Z the effect was reversed when the silver was converted back to sea water again. Unfortunatley samples taken and immediatly shock frozen converted back as well, destroying precious evidence of the newly discovered effect subsequently. Scientists at CERN are scheduling an experiment to simulate this yet unseen phenomenon next week.
Mid Atlantic News Service (MANS), Andreas H.

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