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Talulah Ruby II
Owner Paul & Andy Atkinson
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49DS
Length Overall 14 m 96 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

Double-handers Paul & Andree Atkinson are taking Talulah Ruby II back to her home port in the Canary Islands, having left in November 2007 with the ARC. They then circumnavigated with World ARC 2008, and are one of ten World ARC boats taking part in this year's ARC Europe. From the event's final port of call in the Azores, Ponta Delgada, they will then route south to Lanzarote.

Talulah Ruby II is pictured departing Cape Town on 3 January 2009, taking part in the World's longest single-ocean race, the Heineken Cape to Bahia.

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Talulah Ruby II - Log 3 Talulah Ruby 11

We are still here!!!!Presently moored in Las Palmas, waiting for our start which is now on Tuesday 27th at 11am. The start has been delayed due to bad weather conditions but Tuesday onwards looks fine for us. This has given us an extra 48 hours to prep the boat and of course socialize with the other crews! The Arc have organised a social event most evenings here so we have partied hard and about burnt out now. We have had friends and family visit us over the last few days  by Lesley, Tila, Pat and Geoff. Then Tila sprung a surprise and Josh flew in from Newquay, so it really has been a wonderful last few days.The race division of the Arc left on their scheduled start time yesterday so we walked down to see the. read more...


Talulah Ruby II - Talulah reaches Tabago

We have just arrived in Scarborough,Tabago,what asunny chilled back place .Can't really believe we are back in the Caribbean,wehave now been all the way round and soon to be in St.Lucia where it all began 14months ago.Our sail from Recife was very mixed ,with some big seas and typical25 to 30 knots of trade winds from the North East to calm hot motoring days,butwe did have masses of squalls with heavy rain.Our fresh food managed to last allthe way here,even without the freezer,only having to catch fish twice onroute,the last one being a double whammy with a fish on each rod.Anyway got togo,as off ashore for a large rum punch,it is Jenny and Shayne's first time inthe Caribbean.Lots of love to you all.. read more...


Talulah Ruby II - Log 2 - Tree Planting

A fun morning was had by all as the "Talulah Ruby 11" crew took part in replanting the mountain side to re introduce a Forest area just North of Las Palmas. The Arc have sponsored a 5 year program in association with, we took part in the 3rd year of the planting project. The 60 participants did quite well and planted 350 trees on the picturesque hill side.We then enjoyed a picnic before heading back to the Marina, just in time for a siesta before the evening party!Michelle and the TR2 team!photo. read more...


Talulah Ruby II - Talulah at the Equator

This is our final long sailing leg on the worldARC,and it is going very well,we are headed straight for Tabago. The wind andcurrant have been in our favour,and we are nearly half way after 5 days.We havehad some squalls with heavy rain,but nothing to worry about.Yesterday a brownbird with a grey head and long black beak settled on the cockpit deck and stayedfor the night,he seemed totally happy about us all pulling ropes ,movingabout,eating etc.but has flown off this afternoon.At 5.30.this morning wecrossed back across the equator from south to north,so we know we are nearinghome.For Shayne and Jenny it is their first time,so as it was far too early tocelebrate,we are going to have a bottle of Fizz tonight.This is a tough life !!!We are still fighting fit and send our love. Paul Andy. read more...


Talulah Ruby II - Talulahrubians at Carnival

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