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Talulah Ruby II - Talulah at the Equator

This is our final long sailing leg on the world ARC,and it is going very well,we are headed straight for Tabago. The wind and currant have been in our favour,and we are nearly half way after 5 days.We have had some squalls with heavy rain,but nothing to worry about.Yesterday a brown bird with a grey head and long black beak settled on the cockpit deck and stayed for the night,he seemed totally happy about us all pulling ropes ,moving about,eating etc.but has flown off this afternoon.At 5.30.this morning we crossed back across the equator from south to north,so we know we are nearing home.For Shayne and Jenny it is their first time,so as it was far too early to celebrate,we are going to have a bottle of Fizz tonight.This is a tough life !!! We are still fighting fit and send our love.
Paul Andy & De Talulahrubians.

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