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Occhi Indaco
Owner Jeffrey Erler
Design Grand Soleil Maxi One
Length Overall 18 m 90 cm
Flag Italy
Sail Number

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Occhi Indaco - Squalls, balls and waterfalls

Today is Thursday December 1st. It’s a little after midnight UTC -2 . It’s a cloudy night and pretty gusty. Directly above us we can still see the stars but unfortunately the moon is shrouded by large ominous clouds. We are passing Skye Blue on our starboard side. They are only a mile out so we are constantly getting a collision alert from the Vesper. We have put on the radar and see that we are sailing directly into a squall. We already felt the wind gust up to TWS 26 kts from this particular cloud, and have furled the staysail in to be safe. The main is reefed down once. It is at moments like this when you sail into storms that you feel very small and insignificant. We crossed our halfway point just before noon on Tuesday. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne - a nice bottle of. read more...


Occhi Indaco - Chaotic seas and yummy desserts

It is already our 8th day at sea (it’s Monday) and constant long nights have tired the crew. We have decided to change the boat time today so we are now UTC-2. The last two days have been messy… winds and waves have been everywhere and crew watch shifts have been completely turned upside down while we have combated the ever changing conditions. One crew member has been sick which has also had an effect on our watch schedule. Yesterday we decided it was a day off so no chores. The crew took advantage of the time to relax and it was very quiet on deck. Chores aside, there was a lot of cooking as the freezer also decided it was its day off- we needed to prepare many foods that had thawed. It was a great excuse to make a delicious 😋 banana cake, a carrot cake, and apple crumble. None of. read more...


Occhi Indaco - Almost a normal day at sea

Now it is already day 6 or rather just 00:35 and the weather is much better. Yesterday was the first day where we had a more normal day. Nothing broke (dare we even tempt fate to say that!) We still have a few issues that need attending but nothing critical so it has been postponed for later today. Our slightly battered crew had a nice time untangling fishing lines, reading books, watching movies, exercising, relaxing,making flap jack, doing laundry, massaging, cooking , dolphin watching and we even saw a shark. We had the water maker going so all our bottles for water have been refilled. As a treat we also have a soda-stream so we are able to make fizzy water. Our project in making yoghurt is not really working out as it should, but we will probably try again. Our freezer is going out. read more...


Occhi Indaco - update 25/11

We are already on the fourth day. Finally we have reached the 200N . The winds are calmer and the seas are more organised. The weather is wonderful and the sun is shining. Crew is still complete, though all with various blue spots covering more or less body parts from stumbling around in the dark and being tossed around by the swells. Everyone has had a shower today and what a wonderful change in odour. One of the guys cabin was really smelly and as the shower did not do the trick we realised that the leeks had gone bad so tonight we will have quiche. We have changed course and are now heading towards St. Luicia. Although Mindelo Cap Verde has been considered a few times the last couple days for repairs and a massage. Unfortunately Bluejay is moving ahead of us at this point as we lost. read more...

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