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Owner Stephen Bromley
Design Beneteau First 40.7
Length Overall 12 m 26 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR8520R

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Hot Stuff - 13:30.955N 58:39.08W

So we have gone from 35 knots torrential rain, white knuckle rides down tower block swell, Nick hitting 16.6 knots whist screaming Yippee Kiyaaaa, to no wind. Just 10 knots of wind and boat speed to 5 knots. That has massively modified our eta adding an extra night! Just when we hoped for a full nights sleep which is def needed the sun comes out as well just to make a day nap less likely.But on the plus side its 140 miles to go! Then the famous St Lucia welcome (unless the crew abandon ship passing Barbados). We have not seen land yet although on the chart is looks so close.Think its going to be a day of trying to maintain the course and as much speed as we can hoping the wind fills in.Jack however is happy as we are going slow enough to try and catch fish or probably the gull circling. read more...


Hot Stuff - 13:51.71N 56:36.08W

We are heading to Barbados!Ok we aren't stopping there but that seems to be where we are heading at the moment. We are running down wind slower than we would like as there is no kites. It seems the closer you get the longer it all takes! We are looking to jibe once in line and head back for St Lucia! we have bets on as follows:Jack 4pm ThursdayNick 5pm ThursdaySteve 6pm ThursdayChris 9pm ThursdayDarren 10:30pm ThusdayAt the speed we feel we are going at it is prob more likely the early hours but there is a 24 hr bar full of sailors that have not seen a shower in three weeks using the alcohol to stop them swaying on land!Its just gone shandy oclock but beer supplies are still strong. The B and G plotter though looks drunk the way it wobbles all over the place on the screen and the boat,. read more...


Hot Stuff - 14:54.92N 53:43.38W

It is with great sadness we said goodby to the pink lady today. The kite was flying well and doing us proud when BANG the head tore straight down the edge and into the water! All hands on deck and managed to recover her on deck and loaded her into her launch bag for the last time this trip. Who knows maybe she might fly again with ... well quite a bit of cosmetic work really.So Kite 2,  up came the spare untested kite. It lasted for a couple of hours and whilst sweltering trying to doze in the main cabin... BANG... All hands up again and the second kite gone at the head and managed to letter box the remaims through the main and down. Packed next to her sister ready for an assement today.So Kite 3... Oh bugger we have run out of them now. Back to white sails for now and pressing hard. read more...


Hot Stuff - 14:45.27N 53:05.14W

Marching on! We have around 500 or so miles to go and after a squall hit last night we continued still managing over our 7 knot target with a reef in. It was tiring but made good progress. We have seen the buoys marked on the chart for Mid and West Atlantic but there is some debate as to whether these actually exist. That is one of the first google searches we need to try to see as we cant have been to far from their positions.We also considered last night in a slight sleep deprived stated Sir Francis Drake and his quest  sailing the Atlantic discovering potatoes! We have a bag on board yet to be cooked so its almost as if we are merely transporting some potatoes to their original point of origin or at least somewhat closer to home!Odd. read more...


Hot Stuff - 14:29.92N 50:24.51W

We saw another boat!!! Last night we saw and passed another yacht! There must be loads around us but we can generally only see the at night from their mast head lights. The updates from friends and family from home give us an idea of who might be near by but we cant get anything on AIS at all from the plotter so its generally guess work. We will see when we get in if we are transmitting although we think we are?!!Back under kite today at first light. Darren has def got some more things signed off his dinghy level 3. He can now hove too and sail a 40 foot yacht backwards in the dark. I am not sure many of can do that well! Also he still holds the speed record so it might just be he is showboating now!We are looking at around 3 days at the moment to finish as far as we can tell but we will. read more...

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