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Hot Stuff - 14:29.92N 50:24.51W

We saw another boat!!! Last night we saw and passed another yacht! There must be loads around us but we can generally only see the at night from their mast head lights. The updates from friends and family from home give us an idea of who might be near by but we cant get anything on AIS at all from the plotter so its generally guess work. We will see when we get in if we are transmitting although we think we are?!!

Back under kite today at first light. Darren has def got some more things signed off his dinghy level 3. He can now hove too and sail a 40 foot yacht backwards in the dark. I am not sure many of can do that well! Also he still holds the speed record so it might just be he is showboating now!

We are looking at around 3 days at the moment to finish as far as we can tell but we will see. Last couple of days at sea to see what we can do! Obviously aiming for at least position 69th.


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