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Hot Stuff - 14:45.27N 53:05.14W

Marching on! We have around 500 or so miles to go and after a squall hit last night we continued still managing over our 7 knot target with a reef in. It was tiring but made good progress. We have seen the buoys marked on the chart for Mid and West Atlantic but there is some debate as to whether these actually exist. That is one of the first google
searches we need to try to see as we cant have been to far from their positions.

We also considered last night in a slight sleep deprived stated Sir Francis Drake and his quest  sailing the Atlantic discovering potatoes! We have a bag on board yet to be cooked so its almost as if we are merely transporting some potatoes to their original point of origin or at least somewhat closer to home!

Odd the things you think of on a star light night hurtling down wind into the dark.

Any way we will keep you posted on our progress and any more inspired thoughts!


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