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Owner Bernard Gander
Design Amel Maramu
Length Overall 14 m
Flag Switzerland
Sail Number 4

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Adorsa - Adorsa news 09.12.2018

Adorsa's Chronicles, Day 14Oye Oye!After a day of light wind, Adorsa is back to flying speed. Well... to theflying speed of a moped.. everything is relative right?We took advantage of the calm weather yesterday to relax with a massageworkshop organized by Eglantine. Junien's bread was excellent and Sergekept on practicing the science of sleeping, at which he is getting reallygood.We are in a smoothy's overdose and vitamines are pumping through our veinsbut we have to make use of these very ripe bananas.We are still ahead of our class and slowly increasing the gap. 540 nauticalMiles to go! Approximated arrival on the 13th of December so we willdefinitely be on time for Christmas!. read more...


Adorsa - Adorsa news 07.12.2018

Adorsa's chronicles, Day 12Good morning from Adorsa.Sorry, we haven't been very good at giving news but we have been constantlyrunning out of sattelite data... But no worries everything is going for thebest!We have now been at sea for 12 days and we still have around 1/3 of the wayto go. Approximate date of arrival in Saint lucia on the 12th of December.We have been sailing with an average speed over 7 knots which is prettygood for our old Adorsa. She seems to be enjoying herself and so are we!She might not be totally retired after all! We are currently fightingagainst "Degree of Latitude" for the first place of our Class (1G). Keep onthe good work Adorsa!Judging by the stability and comfort on board, this boat has clearly beendesigned for such sailing trips. We have been eating like. read more...


Adorsa - Adorsa news 26/11/18

Adorsa's chronicles, Day 2All is good on the mule. Fresh but beautiful first night sailing S-SE underthe moon. Maybe the excitement of being surrounded by sea water madeJunien's hand heavy on the salt for his first bread this morning. Though wedid appreciate the effort! Keep on the good work Junien: we still havearound 20 days for you to train. After this delicious breakfast andavoiding the high pressure zone we jibed to S-SW. Jo's killer's instinct atthe helm is making us fly (ok maybe just surf...). If only we could convertSerge's snoring into electricity we would definitely be able to take a hotshower tomorrow.In the first 24h we covered 144nm at an average of 6 knots. The wind hasbeen blowing N-NE/NE at 4 beauforts.Menus day 1: Tuna wraps and gratinated endives with ham for dinner.. read more...


Adorsa - Adorsa news24/11/2018

Hello all,Just a small word to let you know that Serge, Junien and Josephine finallyarrived on board. The whole crew is now complete, and we are ready to takeoff tomorrow at 1 pm. We will regularly post news on this blog.BestBernard. read more...


Adorsa - Just back from Switzerland

Hi, Just back from Switzerland where I did all my vaccination. I also met with my sailing team (crew) to share some of the experience of my trip from Almeria to Las Palmas.We also started working on the menues Grin the trip. I just tested the repair that we did with Matt before leaving on September 24th.More to come on results tomorrow Bernard. read more...

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