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Owner Sail Racing Academy
Design Beneteau First 40.7
Length Overall 12 m 17 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1321L

Hull Number FR-BEY82734J708

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Escapado - Escapado- Day 16

As we are writing this we are sailing into our last sunset listening to blues in the cockpit. The people off watch in the cabins are sleeping. There is a familiar and peaceful atmosphere about it. The sound of the boat making her way through the waveshas become our constant companion. We are super happy to have good wind for our last hours and everyone is hoping and working towards a good result. And all of us are excited to meet land tomorrow. Since we had loads of water left everyone had a shower today. So our priorities of things to do on land have slightly changed and cold beer and piƱa colada is now on the top. We still can't quite imagine what it will be like and today there even was talking about theories such as being in groundhog day. What if we wake up tomorrow and every. read more...


Escapado - Sometimes squalls are just squalls

Sometimes squalls are just squallsThe night began with a cat and mouse game, gybing, changing course and running away from the squalls. The almost full moon made the first night watches more pleasant and it seemed that we were winning in the game. Yet this was the first level only and soon the squalls came in wide inescapable fronts. See the squall, gybe the jib, drop the vang when the gusts are highest and pull it back in, gybe the jib back, get wet, very wet, steer in low visibility eerie darkness. Repeat at least 2 times per watch.With the daylight the squalls became a bit more fun, as the cold and wet moments were followed by the heat of the tropical sun. After rain claimed all our dry clothes,Kristian had a Tom Cruise moment. In a white dress shirt - the only dry thing left- he. read more...


Escapado - Day 7

From Crew member Sandra It has been a week since we started and we are slowly falling into a routine. Watches, cooking, sleep and repeat. Loads of laughter, jokes and nonsense talk in between. Our skipper keeps us entertained with a repertoire of bad jokes and riddles.They can be really head wrecking. Especially when our Swiss crew member forgets Liechtenstein exists.Other than that we are trimming and changing sails and trying to get the most out of the wind which unfortunately has slowed down a bit. We all got a bit competitive and would like to achieve a good result. Also caught our first fish and the Ceviche tasted super yummee. Other highlights are t-shirt changing days, two days to go until the next clean ones come out of the bags. So we. read more...


Escapado - Daily log

Daily logDay 4 and no one has been thrown over board yet. There was some pre departure threatening ftom the first mate towards the skipper but they still smile at each other. So does the rest of the crew. We are a mixed bunch of 8 people ftom 7 countries aged between 20 and 52. Today we have been steadily sailing on. Earlier today the wind picked up and put an evil racing smile on our skippers face. We loved it! The two Italians sang us through last nights nightshift. And the Italian finally managed to scare Petey the pigeon away. There was loads of Italian swearing involved and if we believe translations it went along the lines of his mom being a chicken. Highlight of the day was our Russian crew member vs. the fish. The fish won.Sandra. read more...


Escapado - Daily Log 27/11/2019

Escapado Log Entry From Crew Member Georgie A day of sail trimming and sail changes, low winds, nature spotting, and good eating. Cloud prevailed with a gloomy sunrise butane luminous pink sunsetToday's highlight was a pod of 20 or so dolphins that came to play- cue a lively debate on dolphin VS porpoise (unresolved) Also joining us was Petey the pigeon who wished to be remembered by "presents" he left on the deck - hastily cleaned away by a less than impressed skipper Changing sails also kept us occupied as we skirted around pockets of dipping and changing wind. We switched from our asymmetric spinnaker to code zero and back to asym before a planned gybe as the evening closed out. Our crew are getting increasingly proficient with fewer tangled lines and puzzled faces looking back at the. read more...

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