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Owner Sail Racing Academy
Design Beneteau First 40.7
Length Overall 12 m 17 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1321L

Hull Number FR-BEY82734J708

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Escapado - Life onboard Escapado from our 19 year old Birthday Girl

Having just gybed and set on our new course south west, our next watch team fuelled up with bacon, eggs, and plenty of suncream to prepare for the day ahead. Jan’s seemingly never ending bank of knowledge amazed me once again as he patiently explained mobius strips - “why did the chicken cross the möbius strip? to get to the same side” - said our skipper Germaine. The day continued at its typical breezy yet still fairly leisurely pace that I have come to get used to. Filling the day with odd jobs around the boat such as tightening the steering in the transom with Germaine (which doubles very nicely for an afternoon snack and natter) or doing stock checks (all is good… for now!). The culinary expertise on Escapdo continued to impress with veg biriyani for dinner combined with another mind. read more...


Escapado - Day 20 - . Crew sooooo looking forward to the Rum Punch

Day 20 at sea! Approximately 179 nm from Saint Lucia. Light winds expected for the duration suggests another 55hours to the finish line in Rodney Bay.Crew sooooo looking forward to the Rum Punch that awaits our arrival. Our Skipper Angela extremely excited to spend Christmas with family skiing in the Austrian Alps! A huge shout out to Angela’s relentless efforts towards safety. So far there have been zero incidents in what has been described as a most difficult Atlantic crossing . We are talking about preparing the boat and packing up gear ahead of our arrival so we can immediately join the dock side festivities and a long overdue shower!!!For the mean time we sail the deep blue Caribbean Sea flying the light wind Code Zero jib in brilliant sunshine!!Gregangela snow helmet. read more...


Escapado - blog 9/12 - Very busy day on Escapado

OBR Thursday December 9thVery busy day on Escapado. Winds gusting to 30 Knots, Making our way west beating to windward in confused seas . Ironic statement of the day by Morton, and I Quote “Bloody Waves”.Deck and cabin top getting a wash. One wave made its way through the closed hatch.Galley was transformed by Chef David into IHOP (International House of Pancakes) making crepes accompanied with crew members choice of any remaining filling still on board. Waitress Sam provided excellent work conveying the various requests to the gallery.Beautiful sunset, furled jib and 3 reefs sailing on a moonlit ocean Got to love sailing!GregAt the helm. read more...


Escapado - blog 1 & 7 Dec

Escapado Blog - Thurs 1st Dec & 7th Dec. We’re currently 1,071 miles from St Lucia, (7 days away, as wind is set to decrease), having traveled 1800 miles to date. Tongue in Cheek !!Since a week last Sunday by the time we tie up in St. Lucia, we will have traveled circa 2,800 miles. In that time there has always been someone helming the boat and she has been moving, never stationery. No port nor jetty has been visited and the mooring wraps never saw the light of day. We have become people living and working by the watch clock, not the standard time piece, relying on each other as never before, as last nights events testify, despite becoming en masse part of the “Great Unwashed”The best food has been eaten and an audit of both bottled water and (believe it or not), toilet paper has. read more...


Escapado - Blog day 17 - We tried all kind of wind dances

Day 17 at Escapado. Last few days in Atlantic were very calm. The weather would have been perfect to be at the beach bar with the ice cold refreshments next to you. However when you are inovercrowded sauna boat without change to shower in the middle of the Atlantic, the experience it’s bit different :).For few days we tried all kind of wind dances and magic in order to get favorable trade wind behind us. Unfortunately, the ruler of the weather misunderstood our needs and yesterday instead of favorable wind we were in the middle of pouring rain. It’s really was raining cats and dogs and old grannies etc. or like we say in Finland, Esterin perseestä. Since every bullet comes with silver lining, we quickly realized that the rain could be the solution for the lack of water. So three water. read more...

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