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Beltana II
Owner Jonathan Romcke
Design Tayana 55
Length Overall 16 m 75 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number

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Beltana II - What does it take to keep the big hammer out of the skippers hands

1 dentist to explain why its not a good idea and 3 other engineers torestrain him.   We get daily updates from ARC of the problems other yachts are having. It’salways a concern to hear, and many of those problems we hope don’t happen tous.  Here is a list of some of the things which have been taking up ourtime and stopping us from writing to you all more regularly.   1) Ripped Genoa 2.5m tear – repaired with a combination of sail tape (onlyhad about 1m) and duct tape, then hand sewn together with the squally Kempbobbin technique 2) Ripped Spinnaker – repaired with duct tape and hand sewn 3) lost batten from main sail – twice re-sewn into place, twice torethrough the repair material – batten removed 4) Broken Preventer Block – gerry rigged with webbing, second ropepreventer. read more...


Beltana II - Day 21 and all is well.....the bell tolls

Last night was another great run from a speed and distance point of view.We made 188NM in the westerly direction (hopefully we did not do too manynortherly or southerly slips – there was one just before nightfall when were-attached the boom topping lift that had come loose – the shackle had come outeven after being nipped up tight with pliers. Never fear Beltana has a spare,and this time we zip tied both shackles so that it will not happen again –always learning!)Last night we had a special from the O’Grady kitchen – well – cottageBolognese pie sort of thing – very yummy and very filling! Just great – Paul hasno trouble working in the galley while the yacht pitches and heaves – some of us(read  me) are heartily sick of the rocking and rolling associated with thewind directly behind. read more...


Beltana II - Day 19

Hi All, Graham here. Given I have been the subject of many comments in previous blogs, I thoughtit only fair that I explain/defend myself; and I thought if I gave you a briefoutline of my life, you would understand I could not possibly be heldresponsible for the things attributed to me throughout this trip. So, my life’s story. Firstly, I was born at a very young age. I don’t remember the event, but mymother, who was there, confirmed this fact. As I grew up my parents becameconcerned that I was a slow developer. To their relief, doctors assured them itis quite normal for a boy to take 13 years to become a teenager.I enjoyed my teens so much that I sent several years as a teenager – about7 if I remember rightly. Shortly after leaving my teens I turned 21; a veryexciting time for me, as I. read more...


Beltana II - I think it is Day 18?

We are getting a bit tired, nights shifts taking their toll, blogs becomingerratic, I am getting cranking every time some thing a little more goes wrongwith rigging, electrics, pumps, chargers, etc Yesterday was a pretty long day – Paul repaired the mounting supports forthe regulator box on top of the genset – two were gone (metal on metal hitting),one was still there but separated, and one just plain missing I think.  Sowe had to pull the wooden bench apart a bit and take the top cover off thegenset, then get into the electrical generator regulator box, drill out the oldstuds and fashion new rubber mounts from spare rubber we carry on board, andthen get new bolts in place in awfully difficult positions – great job byPaul.Meanwhile we had to repair a small rip in the spinnaker after. read more...


Beltana II - Beltana II Ships Log

Log entry for midday local time (St Lucia) – position 14deg 52.5’N; 42deg49.7’W Generator malfunction investigation At about 9:30 local time while charging the batteries the generatorsuddenly lost power and made ugly noises Shutdown immediately, ventilated the engine room, waited while we hadbreakfast and steered the yacht for a while and prevaricated a bit on what to donext So checked the tank diesel levels, and correct draw down tank Checked the primary fuel filter bowl Checked oil water belt tension etc Gave it another run Ok on idle, same noise occurred and loss of power when going ontocharge Tightened a fuel hose clamp and tickled the manual injector pump abit Started again – ran for extended period on idle and also revved upsuccessfully with no problem Applied charging load, OK. read more...

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