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Beltana II - Day 19

Hi All, Graham here.
Given I have been the subject of many comments in previous blogs, I thought it only fair that I explain/defend myself; and I thought if I gave you a brief outline of my life, you would understand I could not possibly be held responsible for the things attributed to me throughout this trip.
So, my life’s story.
Firstly, I was born at a very young age. I don’t remember the event, but my mother, who was there, confirmed this fact. As I grew up my parents became concerned that I was a slow developer. To their relief, doctors assured them it is quite normal for a boy to take 13 years to become a teenager.
I enjoyed my teens so much that I sent several years as a teenager – about 7 if I remember rightly. Shortly after leaving my teens I turned 21; a very exciting time for me, as I had never been 21 before. Then followed many more birthdays....too many to count, but being a conservative sort of bloke, I ensured my birthdays progressed at a steady pace over the years, to the point my current age is in direct correlation to my date of birth.
However, whilst my age has progressed at an appropriate rate, some note my maturity has been slow to develop. This has been discussed by many of my friends and lovely wife over the years; all of whom agree it languishes somewhere between juvenile and immature adult.....and it’s something I should work on in retirement.
I appreciate all their input and concern. However, going forward, while continuing to age at the same rate, I plan not to concern myself too much with trying to become a responsibly, mature adult until my senile seems like the easiest option.
So there you have it. With a life story like this, you can understand I couldn’t possibly be responsible for anything untoward that happens on this trip.
Graham [aka Squally]

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