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Beltana II - I think it is Day 18?

We are getting a bit tired, nights shifts taking their toll, blogs becoming erratic, I am getting cranking every time some thing a little more goes wrong with rigging, electrics, pumps, chargers, etc
Yesterday was a pretty long day – Paul repaired the mounting supports for the regulator box on top of the genset – two were gone (metal on metal hitting), one was still there but separated, and one just plain missing I think.  So we had to pull the wooden bench apart a bit and take the top cover off the genset, then get into the electrical generator regulator box, drill out the old studs and fashion new rubber mounts from spare rubber we carry on board, and then get new bolts in place in awfully difficult positions – great job by Paul.

Meanwhile we had to repair a small rip in the spinnaker after a wine glass event and recovery, so Graham and Johnny were busy doing that. First thing in the morning I had to put back together the main battery isolation switches on the switchboard after we cleaned up all the terminals the previous day to try and get rid of some voltage drop through the system. We are ready for a reat day.....

But today we have to fix the Main halyard, which has separated internally (in the mast) and we have to strip the outside UV protector layer away so it can go up the mast without bunching, and then we will swap the Halyard with the topping lift – slow tedious job that stuff is tough to cut, it is nearly midday and Graham and Paul have been cutting away since 7:30 am!
all for now Jono

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