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Owner Philip Hutchinson
Design Lagoon 450
Length Overall 13 m 96 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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well apparently that's the laundry completed for this trip irrespective of how much longer it takes us. Monday was greeted with considerable activity on the good ship, Whilst Jenner experimented with the remains of yesterdays black olives and some well worked dough the Skipper insisted on pushing into the galley with his bucket of soiled grundies. They were later hanging on the rail to dry ( Fenella has been permanently dressed over all since leaving LP) when Rousy decided to to sort through the fruit . Unfortunately a rejected over ripe tomatoes landed right in the crotch of a splendid pair of extra extra large.Every morning we start the day with healthy intentions a Large bowl of Fresh Fruit Salad is prepared and rapidly consumed. The Quartermaster believes we have sufficient fresh. read more...


Fenella - Fenella

Day 8.   At last, what appeared to have been a redundant bottle of sun block hascome out of the locker. A sunny day with trade wind clouds but no trade windwind, still 5kts from the west keeps us cool as we settle to our books betweenfine meals prepared by our most competent cooks. Last night our second fish, a 5meal dorado, another escaped today, was cooked in a sauce made from our largestock of quick ripening tomatoes.   To keep us amused our skipper has provided us with a variety of games whichinclude clear instructions in Spanish. Sevens and rummycub have been tried andwe will soon be up to the more intellectually challenging game of “Snap!!”. Forexcerise we have been treading our washing in a bucket as the washing machinehas been declared to be too water hungry. A wash. read more...


Fenella - Where's the wind?

Awoke this morning to a beautiful blue sky day, no wind but it was ourfirst sign that we are getting into the tropics. The fishing lines were out atdawn and since then it has been very quiet apart from the occasional shower andaccompanying gust of wind that quickly fades when the rain passes.   The flying fish have started to leap out in front of us and we had awonderful sighting of a large sperm whale. He/she followed us for about tenminutes before deciding that we weren’t that interesting and took off for thedeep. The only other wildlife we have seen have been Mother Carey,s chickens,boobies and a petrel or two. All are awaiting our tropic bird moment which issurely not far away now.   We are continuing to eat exceptionally well and I’m pleased to say thathaving firmly. read more...


Fenella - Thank God for That !

Ten days is enough for any man , the continuous rounds of showers, drinksparties , lectures was getting us down .Pleasant as it is there is always anunderlying feeling of anxiety about the enormous challenge facing us –have wegot enough of this and that and the blunt severity of the safety lectures beganto eat in and by the time Sunday rocked up we were all pleased to get out sea. We had, as ever, met new friends and had a hilarious crew supper whereSpriggsy led the conga with his old mates Girls For Sail_ old habits never die.We all liked Las Palmas and our tour of the vineyard  was very off thewall, the coach driver managed to get lost and we were perched on a precipicewith horrendous overhangs , when eventually found the place the poor guy seemedrather disorganised and talked. read more...

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