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Fenella - Where's the wind?

Awoke this morning to a beautiful blue sky day, no wind but it was our first sign that we are getting into the tropics. The fishing lines were out at dawn and since then it has been very quiet apart from the occasional shower and accompanying gust of wind that quickly fades when the rain passes.
The flying fish have started to leap out in front of us and we had a wonderful sighting of a large sperm whale. He/she followed us for about ten minutes before deciding that we weren’t that interesting and took off for the deep. The only other wildlife we have seen have been Mother Carey,s chickens, boobies and a petrel or two. All are awaiting our tropic bird moment which is surely not far away now.
We are continuing to eat exceptionally well and I’m pleased to say that having firmly suggested to certain individuals that if you want the veg to last - DON’T wash it, everything is in very good shape.
The early hours of this morning turned Fenella into a Chinese laundry with Rouse discovering that the hatch above his bunk has two settings, one for very water-tight, and another for pisses-in when a big squall comes over head. Having been very unfortunate to have this happen, the skipper, when seeing sheets draped everywhere came out with a phrase I haven’t heard on a boat before – ‘ just bung it in the tumble dryer mate!’ How cool is that!!
It seems that the wind has started to get up so a pretty coloured sail is about to be launched. Will write tomorrow.

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