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well apparently that's the laundry completed for this trip irrespective of how much longer it takes us. Monday was greeted with considerable activity on the good ship, Whilst Jenner experimented with the remains of yesterdays black olives and some well worked dough the Skipper insisted on pushing into the galley with his bucket of soiled grundies. They were later hanging on the rail to dry ( Fenella has been permanently dressed over all since leaving LP) when Rousy decided to to sort through the fruit . Unfortunately a rejected over ripe tomatoes landed right in the crotch of a splendid pair of extra extra large.
Every morning we start the day with healthy intentions a Large bowl of Fresh Fruit Salad is prepared and rapidly consumed. The Quartermaster believes we have sufficient fresh fruit for at least seven more days and then we start on the tinned peaches and pineapple, somewhere on the SHIP there are cartons of cream, Yummy.

The disappointment today or the great insult to Spriggs and the Nipper was that failing to provide Rousy with a fresh fish he used TINNED Tuna in his splendid lunch time salad. This complimented the Olive bread but gave the fishermen on board slight indigestion which was quickly overcome when they sampled the fare.This afternoon has been spend mainly lounging about as we prepare ourselves for tonight's feast, Skipper is cooking so whilst it will be very very tasty there will be lots of washing up.
Nine days into the trip and 60% of the crew are still on the wagon , however those accommodated in steerage are enjoying chilled beers and fine wines, well somebody has to.

We are all looking forward to tonight's game of Rummy cup, So far Sevens or Shithead as the Nipper calls it has been enjoyed by all but the senior member of the crew who appears to have difficulty in comprehending or remembering the rules. Nothing new there then I hear you say. Backgammon has been a success after we managed to interpret the Spanish rules. Rummy Cup will be another story altogether. Our evening games period is accompanied by the unhealthy but delicious part of our day when the Skipper delves into his naughty cupboard and provides large slabs of Cadburys Chocolate and other delights.

We are looking forward to passing the halfway point when we can sample Terry’s malt this is expected to be sometime in the early hours of Wednesday morning, we had hoped to make in time for Tuesdays grumppies but the elements are not in our favour

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