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Heartbeat IV
Owner Jason & Judy Payne-James
Design Dufour 45e Performance
Length Overall 13 m 69 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1424R

Heartbeat IV is a Dufour 45e. Her crew have raced her and previous Heartbeats in the UK and Europe in East Anglian Offshore Racing Association ( and RORC races, and campaigned Fastnet and Middle Sea Races. Her owners are Judy and Jason Payne-James. Her progress on the way to Las Palmas and subsequently can be followed on Twitter (#OffshoreHB)and at Some of her previous adventures can be seen on YouTube by searching Heartbeat IV.

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Heartbeat IV - Sunday pm - Still Frustrations

..running out of spare or replacement running rigging - sea state not safe enough for up mast so having to wait for a bit of a lull to see if we can re-rig a couple of halyards. Now currently the 'Atlantic Rig' - #2 poled out with main. Had hoped to be in in under 15 days but not possible as have lost 60 miles in last 2 days. Last night however was superb A5 and main - 8.5 - 13.3 knots - but not after temp halyard blew on 0400-0800 watch (aka the Calamity watch). Followed by genny halyard - so rerouted spin pole uphaul. What japes. Still a nice a selection of charcuterie for lunch with iced coffee and PB currently preparing apple crumble and custard for sups. Pics of Jude trimming assy - Rog helming early Sunday morning and daytime downwind.. read more...


Heartbeat IV - Saturday morning.....A busy 48 hours

Well - Thursday night nice steady 20 knots S2 and main - sudden unexpected increase in wind but manageable for most of the time - all helms struggling with round ups and broaches - all sail outofable (if that's a word). Then spin halyard broke in am leaving us short of halyards. Too unstable to replace - rehoisted on remaining spin halyard (currently topping lift). Change to assy 5 - another halyard loss - then to boomed out #2 - slight lull - Trevor up mast - externalised two new halyard - S2 back up. Noted slight damage to starboard spreader 2. Wrap of S2 - down - 4 hour repair of damage by Nic. Continued on. Weather good and sunny - 13 - 15k - making good progress - 270 degrees. Overnight steady downwind - trouble free progress till 0400-0800 watch - with S2 - wrap (this time by Wrap. read more...


Heartbeat IV - 5th December and 6th December - Never a Dull Day - and Happy Birthday Lizzie P-J

Sorry about lack of blog yesterday but we had satphone probs (ran out of credit - I know, I know - but luckily we were cold called about claiming for mis-sold PPI so we asked them to contact our service provider)- now sorted - and a few electronics issues (no wind or speed or location data) - now sorted. Now going upwind - yes indeedy - along the rhumb line (or Rum Punch Line as we trying to think of it) - with under a 1000 miles to go. Weather situation interesting tactically. Last two days brighter and sunnny (well yesterday anyway - cloudier today) but with a steady lightening breeze - assy 2 and 5 out briefly yesterday for a few hours - now #2 and main. Last two nights still loads of electrical storm and enough rain to need full wets. On the food front - yesterday more fresh scones. read more...


Heartbeat IV - Day 8 - 9 - Laundry, Bilge, Sun!!

200mile+ run by midday 45 Monday. Another windy, squally, wet, electrical night but rain flattened water so last 12 h overnight straightlining at ~ 8.5 - 12k. After sunrise big change in weather with sun and lighter breezes so have been using variously A2, A5 and # 2 with unreefed main. Managed to get everything dried pretty rapidly before became cloudy with a couple of showers. Wind now SE about 10-15k doing about 8k. Lots and lots of flying fish, laundry done, watermaker working, sail repairs underway to #3. Pics are of Ms Paterson, round-the-world sailor and sail repairer at work and the laundry team working under the supervision of Cabin Services Director - Ms Walker. The third is another of our 2012 Heartbeat IV December bruise collection! And the 4th is the bilge empting team. In a. read more...


Heartbeat IV - MoBro - Movember Moustache for Charity - Paul Blande

Mr Paul Blande, Chefmeister on Heartbeat IV had the first opportunity to shave off his MoBro moustache - grown for prostate and testicular cancer charities. Go to the MoBro website and search his name and if possible donate an amount to charity in response to his stirling efforts at we think being the person to shave his moustache off further from land in a small boat than anyone else at 21 28N and 40 35W. It was a couple of days late as any attempt at shaving his moustache in the last couple of days would have resulted in him chopping his head off due to extreme weather. Pics are of before, intermediate and shaved. Well done Paul - say the Heartbeat IV team!!. read more...

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