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Heartbeat IV - Saturday morning.....A busy 48 hours

Well - Thursday night nice steady 20 knots S2 and main - sudden unexpected increase in wind but manageable for most of the time - all helms struggling with round ups and broaches - all sail outofable (if that's a word). Then spin halyard broke in am leaving us short of halyards. Too unstable to replace - rehoisted on remaining spin halyard (currently topping lift). Change to assy 5 - another halyard loss - then to boomed out #2 - slight lull - Trevor up mast - externalised two new halyard - S2 back up. Noted slight damage to starboard spreader 2. Wrap of S2 - down - 4 hour repair of damage by Nic. Continued on. Weather good and sunny - 13 - 15k - making good progress - 270 degrees. Overnight steady downwind - trouble free progress till 0400-0800 watch - with S2 - wrap (this time by Wrap Star Magee - previous wraps courtesy by skipper and Roger) - S2 down - tore on damaged spreader - Trev up mast repair/reinforcement of spreader. Mention must be made of Russell unwrapping a w rap by fantastic sailing - his knot tying transgression (don't ask) now forgiven. #2 poled in interim. S2 back up. Temporary halyard block failed after 6 hours. Wind slight shift so reconfigged - and now making steady progress - direct towards St Lucia. A very non-stop 36 hours - all probs currently being dealt with but generally tiring for all. Skipper used ear plugs for first time and slept through most of early Saturday morning repairs (including hammering of spreader). Spirits high - just trying to keep as much pace as possible without damaging anything more. Very aware of positions of other boats. More and more flying fish - no dolphins (one small pod of 6-12 yesterday - not seen by all) - an anonymous vessel last night - wouldn't respond. About 5 miles away port quarter. Currently all awaiting le chef's lunchtime wraps (a wrap master in the best onboard sense). Lovehearts, Mini Cheddars and Mr Porky's very best pork scratchings pretty much the staple diet of al l helms at present when driving. Sponsorship opportunities for these and other confections or savouries can be discussed in the future. Pics are Trev on deck and up mast and Saturday pre-lunch watch awaiting food!!

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