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Skyelark of London
Owner Dan Bower
Design Skye 51
Length Overall 15 m 54 cm
Flag Malta
Sail Number GBR5115R

Skyelark is a luxury performance cruising boat available for charter, owner-operated by a very experienced professional couple.

Itinerary includes:

Atlantic rally for cruisers. (ARC) World ARC,
Caribbean charter and big boat race series.
Delivery and mile building passages
UK summer season: cruising. racing, corporate entertainment and teambuilding.

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Skyelark of London -

Blog 16.St. Lucia on the horizon.After some amazing 2724 Nm miles we are 44 miles of our final destination, St. Lucia. And that has woken up Captains Dan and Em. The final commands of the totally worn out sailors, has been to fly anything from the Sail locker, that have any potential of increasing speed, by a fraction. This have now been up in the mast. Ropes everywhere and with a satisfied grin to their faces, Cap Dan and First mate Em took shelter in the saloon, whilst Skylark is flying towards St. Lucia on the Kite, staysail and Main sail. But I will be surprised if we get away so easy. More sails to be trimmed..The bet of the day is what time "Land Ohoj" is shouted out. Competition is as always hard, and close. The prior guessing of arrival did not find a winner to take the boat. read more...


Skyelark of London -

Blog 15Butterfly SightingIt was just Unbelievable to see a flutter by so far from land, or perhaps it was just in a cocoon in the boat somewhere until today and emerged. The flying fish have also been pretty active though, thankfully, none landing on the boat today. Even if they do land in the boat they don't all get thrown back. Tonny used one on a lure. Today we caught 3 small fish, none for keeping. The crafty tuna keep eluding us.Dinner was a fantastic, spicy curry with chicken and sweet potato made by chef Chris and sous chef Tonny. All this followed by a stunning sunset due west in front of our bow.Overnight we had some abrupt big wind, handled readily by the fearless crew, and after and throughout the day nice steady breezes bringing us closer to St. Lucia. As I write this we are. read more...


Skyelark of London - Blog 14

Blog 14As the sun goes down at the end of our fourteenth day at sea, the last 24 hours we have seen, a great sunset, the rise of a new moon, generally the wind has been a steady 14 knots, during the early part of the night the skies were clear with many shooting stars. Later in the night and during the morning we had a number of squall clouds go over us, with wind gusting in the mid twenties and short sharp showers.The squall clouds cleared by late morning and by midday we were experiencing one of the hottest days so far, relief came as the sails finally put the cockpit into shade around 4.00pm.Around the same time we when below the 400 miles to St Lucia mark, some discussion was had that we need to adjust our ETA time to late on the 11th or early morning on the 12th.This evening we have. read more...


Skyelark of London - Day 12

Blog 14Another fantastic day on the big blue...Ruth II has finally disappeared over the horizon in front of us.Today the wind has been a little variable so progress has been slower..hmm the ETA predictions are looking a little challenging to achieve LOL. We still have over 500 miles to go so anything could happen.Had a go at baking today. I'm not sure that bread making is my forte... I think I'll leave it to Nigel.A good day for wildlife, we have seen a turtle, frigate bird and for over a hour we had a pod of dolphins around the yacht, riding the bow wave and speeding in the surfing waves, a real pleasure to watch.A last we have been successful again at fishing, we have caught a dorado. A good omen for further fish before the trip comes to an end.Tonight we had great dinner prepared by. read more...


Skyelark of London -

Blog 13A.H. Riise joined us for a sundowner this evening and a celebration of crossing the 700nm mark.Made good speed today with winds mostly in the 15kt range. Mostly clear skies, which was very pleasant after a wet and breezy night last night.However shipboard life is not for the faint hearted, it was breakfast, snooze, lunch, snooze etc. Great dinner this evening, thanks Tonny and Chris. No crewmember will ever go hungry aboard the sailing vessel Skyelark.Fellow Irishman, Liam and crew aboard S/Y Ruth II are doing their best to keep up and have been on the horizon abaft the beam all day! A situation that will likely be reversed tomorrow.I am convinced that there are no fish in this part of the ocean ......Mike. read more...

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