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Owner Peter Schwarze
Design Neel 51
Length Overall 15 m 60 cm
Flag Malaysia
Sail Number

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TRI II FLY - Log Day 7: Star-gazing

Log Day 7: Star-gazingN 15 03.260 | W 41 53.805Tue 27.11.2018 | 17:48 UTC-3 Perhaps the most important update to our journey across the Atlantic is the following: The water leak issue we've had late on day three has been contained but that came to a high price: we had to alter our course to reduce drag AND reduce our speed. We are almost half-way through and we have run through all possible scenarios. This was the safest one. It is somewhat frustrating to see other boats passing you but we're happy with our decision to favour safety over performance. So what do you do when you're snailing? - You free your mind from the burdens of racing and use the time to appreciate the beauty of our natural habitat: The Milky Way. Indeed,while Kolja and Peter went to pre-sleep to recharge before their. read more...


TRI II FLY - Log Day 5: Stretching time

Log Day 5: Stretching timeN 16 12.241 | W 36 48.744 | Thu 25.11.2018 | 14:10 UTC-2 While being greatly humbled by the vast space the Atlantic Ocean represents and the amount of life buzzing in it, our time during this passage is taking a whole new dimension: it's stretching. Minutes are hours and hours are days. And we get used to it. In fact, since my first log of five days ago, I've been meaning to write one log every day but when time slows down, every action related to it seems to be going the same way. A lot has happened since our first log: first, we got wind. Lots of it and this three-hulled thing seems to love it. However, as she's still brand new and we've only sailed her as a crew for the first time during the Las Palmas to Cape Verde leg, we are still learning how to unleash. read more...


TRI II FLY - Log day 1: Alive and fishing

Log Day 1: Alive and FishingN 16 41.815 | W 27 19.900 | Thu 22.11.2018 | 10:39 UTC-2 The dramatic landscape shaping the reliefs of the Cape-Verdian Sao Vicente and Santo Antao Islands was amplified by an array of white clouds washing against the volcanic stones. As we dashed across the leg 2 start line off Marina Mindelo with the speed of a coconut in the water, this amazing sight occupied the first few hours of our stern balcony. As if that that backdrop wasn’t enough, the mix of white sails and colourful spinnakers of the Monohull wave starting 10 minutes after us, etched an image in our memories that no camera can capture.Oh yeah, we were supposed to be sailing right? - sure, we did really try, until the PredictWind reality hit us in the face. So we started motor-sailing like 90% of. read more...

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