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Sweet Dream
Owner Frank Larsen & Laura Crowell
Design Island Packet 485
Length Overall 16 m 51 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 34

2004 Island Packet 485

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Sweet Dream - Day 30 February 11, 2019

Monday. We waited for our passports to come back from the agent. Typical Latin America no hurry attitude. Passports will be here at 09:00 we enjoyed breakfast and unlimited WiFi at the Beach house hotel while we were waiting for passports. At noon , with still not a passport in sight, we moved back onto the boat. At 14:00 we had a good talk with Pat and Sandi on Hope. They were elbows deep into an engine project, so we offered to take their friends, David and Susan Scott over to Isla Taboga then on to Contadora. That way,Pat and Sandi could focus on their boat, and David and Susan could see more than just the locks and marina. At 16:00, passports in hand, we loaded up David and Susan and sailed to Taboga. As we came into the bay , two pilot whales greeted us by dancing in the. read more...


Sweet Dream - Day 31 February 12, 2019

09:00, we let go the mooring ball at Isla Taboga, motored out into the morning mist, raised sails and had agentle glide through the traffic separation zone. Lots of the WARC fleet were on the move populating our chart plotter with buddy boat icons. The wind took a nap, we turned on the motor, encountered two whales, probably a Moma and baby, guessing by their size and proximity to each other. We radioed Danica that the whales were coming their way...they ended up having to change course to avoid them! Other boats in the group radioed in about the whales. What a joy to share these moments with our fellow travellers! We dropped anchor off of Isla Chapera, went and had a nice walk on the beach, dinner back onboard, and dancing to cannedimage1.. read more...


Sweet Dream - Day 29 February 10, 2019

Again we hooked up with Louis, our favourite taxi driver. We met him four years ago when we spent several weeks anchored in the bay outside La Playita, or on a mooring ball at Isla Taboga. Back then he helped us get propane, boat parts, the out board engine repaired, eye doc appointment and glasses for Laura, and charts. We are so happy to see him again. He took us to the wonderful Rey store for groceries, then to the duty free store for liquor. On our first trip across the Pacific we learned that good spirits are ten times more expensive in French Polynesia than in Panama, so it is prudent to stock up here. It is really lovely being on a dock in La Playita marina..just roll the cart to the boat! Decadent luxury being part of the WARC! We appreciate the ease of being in the marina here. read more...


Sweet Dream - Day 28 February 9, 2019

We engaged the services of our favourite taxi driver, Louis, to take our crew for the Panama Canal transit of Mike and Ed to the airport, then did a bit of provisioning. Boat was cleaned, fridge and freezer defrosted and cleaned out, linens washed, .that never ending hot wind is great for laundry drying! Not a very exciting day....but that is the flip side of part was receiving the exhaust flap cover plus spare ! We have tried to find this silly little important part in five countries and finally succeeded here!! A happy Sweet Dream!image1.. read more...


Sweet Dream - Day 27 February 8, 2019

We sailed back to La playita marina in the afternoon. Tried to dock at d dock....not enough water, backed out through the churning mud and were given a cosy spot on c dock. We all enjoyed the delicious food, fun fellowship, and exotic belly dancing at Beirut restaurant in the evening. A very fine finish to our canal transit on the Sweet Dream.image1.. read more...

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