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Sapphire II of London
Owner Simon Phillips
Design Discovery 67
Length Overall 20 m 79 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 6705L

Discovery 67

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Sapphire II of London - Day 14

Hi everyoneAll good here and morale continues to be high.2290 nm done and circa 650nm to Hiva Oa.The parasailor is a revelation and we sail almost dead down wind with little sail tuning.breakfast was eggs bacon and tomatoes done by Simon in the muffin tin, followed by porridge done by Ian and then toast.lunch done by jason and assisted by Simon was spanish scrambled eggs and cold meatsSupper done by Ian and Neil was tuna steaks with ginger salad and sauteed potatoes. keep safe everyone.simon. read more...


Sapphire II of London - day 13

Hi allAll good here.we have circa 860nm to go.The parasailor is up and the sun is shinning and the sea is very blue.washing has been done.Tuna fillet last night and chicken tagine tonight.we feel cocooned from the bad news associated with coronavirus but we feel for all families in the UK.NB we have lots of loo paper and pasta on board.we have no idea what the medium term implications are for the world arc and there is lots of speculation on the radio net.Morale is good and we are looking forward to getting more mobile comms in Hiva Oa where we can speak directly to friends and to allSimon. read more...


Sapphire II of London - Day 9

Hi allreally good day.have flown the parasailor allday and night.caught a 20kg tuna which was great but took four of us to land it.Neil expertly gutted it and we had raw tuna for lunch and steaks for will provide a further two meals at leastwe have done 1600nm and have 1330 to go KR to allS. read more...


Sapphire II of London - Day 7 and 8

Hi allwe are well and we have now done 1417 nm since midday 4th March. We are consistently doing between 170 and 210 nm a we launched our PARASAILOR and we will keep it up tonight and for as long as possible. Dinner last night was corn beef hash and tonight we have lamb tagine and couscous.We continue to try and fish and we nearly landed one today!we have a beautiful sun set tonight and looking forward to a starlite to alls. read more...


Sapphire II of London - day 4 5 and 6

Hi all,all good here and we have been enjoying some great sailingtoday (10th march) we did a 206 nm day in 24 hours.we have done washing in the washing machine, made circa 400 litres of water and enjoyed good cooking and banter.we have had tacos, coq au vin, lots of salads and cold meats, tuna wraps and lots at 2035 ocal time we have done 1061 nm since midday 4thmarch and we have circa 1850 to go.still no fish but we are going too to alls. read more...

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