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Owner Matt Hayes & Vicki Seymour
Design Dufour 56 Exclusive
Length Overall 17 m 15 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number 7164

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Influencer - Getting home by Martin and Helen

Arriving  into Nuku Hiva after the circumnavigations longest scheduled passage we were welcomed by a Navy ship guarding the bay as we joined the 70 or so other yachts that had arrived from the islands, USA and Central Americas over theproceeding weeks.   Very quickly the situation around the world in regard to Covid-19  and the reality of countries  closing their borders to protect their communities became very evident. Through our very limited communications while at sea we had alreadyconfirmed to Rally Control our wish to be repatriated as the situation had developed and  knew that  we needed to get to Papeete.  Over the next few days more of the WARC fleet were welcomed  into the bay by their friends and a now extended fleet, where. read more...


Influencer - Sydney to Cairns to join the Rally!

Rotten luck with the wind from Sydney - an area known for rough conditions we had the opposite - doldrums style for the first 5 days and way too much motoring for our liking. Topping this off, when we finally got wind and were cruising happily at 8 knots, at 2am we came to a sudden near stop. Snagged on a lobster pot!! It took all four hands on deck and some interesting manoeuvering over an hour to get us freed from the blessed things! With dire images of new propellers or rudders being required, as we still had ropes and buoys trapped around the propeller or keel (we couldn't tell which) we limped into Coffs Harbour at 8am the following morning. You can imagine our relief when we dived under to find no damage whatsoever and a one minute job to release the ropes and four buoys.Other than. read more...

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