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Owner Patrick & Sandra Miller
Design Hylas 49
Length Overall 14 m 90 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number Hylas49

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Hope - Tuesday January 15, 2019

After a night of sailing along nicely at 7-8 knots the day brought on more sunshine and a lot less wind. On the net we are hearing “Big winds ahead” ,not sure where, as this afternoon brought on even lighter winds. We have not been able to sail downwind, so tacking was in order this afternoon. This has been quite the process as all lines have to be re-rigged for each tack and it is very time consuming for those of us less experienced. With 3 sails up we are now sailing along at 7 knots with only 10 knots of wind. This has all been to control the rolling of the boat so now we can even move around and not get hurt, even fix food and drinks for the crew.This downwind sailing is new to us and the captain says we better used to it as we will be doing a lot of it on the Rally. Well, I have to. read more...


Hope - What a difference a day makes ——Hope Log #38

Well, early watch this morning, I saw the news that we were in last place, or close to last place position wise in the Rally. Some part of me wouldn’t or could not accept that. What could we do? We were sailing wing on wing with minimal speed. Our best speed came by gybing back and forth over the rumb line. That was adding extra miles to the passage.Since the start last Saturday, I have been starting the day with new thoughts on how to trim our sails. Each day, looking and thinking of what to do. After seeing the position report, I had to come up with something new. Today we set up our wing on wing combo but added our small stay Sail to the mix. Next we tried to hold our course that allowed the wind to propel Hope to between 120 and 160 degrees. We paid more focus to sail trim and. read more...


Hope - Day Two Success

Well not all is successful. We are still struggling to catch up with the fleet. I guess I really need to fine tune our dead down wind sailing to get some more speed. We also had a weld break on the mount of our nav station seat. Another task for landing in Santa Marta. On the plus side, we did catch dinner. We got a nice 15-20 lb Wahoo. The challenge for catching fish in these rolling seas is the cleaning of the fish. We do have a nice cleaning table, but the constant rolling makes it pretty sporty. No complaints, happy to look forward to a fresh dinner. The other plus is that as we use to say in sport fishing, “ the skunk is off of the boat”. Wahoo in Hawaii is called Ono, Ono translates to “delicious” in Hawaiian. Yep, the crew looks forward to a deli out dinner.image1. read more...


Hope - First Day at Sea

The big day for the start arrived. We crossed the start line at 12:03 pm. Off the flotilla went. We all headed somewhat south per WCC request to salute some VIP’s from the St Lucia tourist authority. The boats were pretty close to each other but wow was it exciting. In any case we all made it far enough south to make the turn round the marker buoy. Boats then started to scatter. For us, we got out the pole and tried to rig it. That was one of the tasks I wish we had the time to do while at the dock in Rodney Bay Marina. Oh well, we did get it rigged and then discovered we should have set it for the port side rather then the starboard side. We did get it rigged correctly and rolled out the Genoa. That all went pretty well, but many of these boats were more serious about the “fun race” we. read more...


Hope - First Log from sv Hope

96 Hello, this is a test log from Hope to check log entry for our epic adventure. It all starts this Saturday on the 12 th of January 2019. We depart Rodney Bay St Lucia and sail to our first stop in Santa Marta Columbia. We have been working like dogs to get Hope as ready as possible. Still lots of things to do but we should be departing as scheduled. This evening Jim and Beverly arrive as they will be our crew all the way to Panama and through the canal. Sandy will be doing the final provisioning today for this first leg of our passage to Santa Marta. It is so very exciting that the final days before departure are here. Still many things to do but all major items have been done. More later but for now this will be a good test of the path via land based email to our log.IMG_0650. read more...

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