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Smoke and Roses
Owner Dan & Agnes Long
Design Leopard 47
Length Overall 14 m 27 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 7

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Smoke and Roses - The Attraction of Magnetic Island

Logged 37 Nautical Miles, 1 Hour Sail 6.75 Hours MotorAugust 6 – 10 Magnetic Island to Orpheus IslandTraveling north along the Queensland Coast, our next stop was Magnetic Island. More than half the island is National Park, its huge granite boulders and towering hoop pines dominate the mountainous skyline. The islands rugged natural beauty is a haven for wildlife such as koalas, rock wallabies, possums and a variety of tropical bird life. Leaving Hook Island, that afternoon, we had three large dolphins put on a show for us.  The dolphins escorted us for nearly thirty minutes; they played mostly in the bow, swam alongside and came straight up vertically out of the water. At the same time Dan caught and released a small shark. The overnight trip to Magnetic Island had light wind and. read more...


Smoke and Roses - Inside the Great Barrier Reef

7-31 Mackay – Shaw Isl Log 40 NM, 7.5 Hours Sails, .75 Hours Motors8-1 Shaw Isl – Lindeman Isl Log 5.3 NM, 1 Hour Motors8-1 Lindeman Isl – Whitsunday Isl Log 10.2 NM 2 Hours Sails, .3 Hours Motors8-3 Whitsunday Isl – Hook Isl Log 21.7 NM, 4 Hours Motors8-4 Hook Reef and Hardy Reef Cut Log 49.7 NM8-5 Bait Reef – Nara Inlet Log 29 NM, 3.5 Hours Sails, .75 Hours Motor July 31 – August 5 Whitsunday IslandsQueensland is Australia’s second largest state and today it is a major exporter of coal, bauxite, silica, gold, frozen meat and grains. It has the world’s longest (1200 nautical miles) of coral reefs along its east coast called The Great Barrier Reef. This great reef is actually a string of coral reefs, cays, atolls, fringing reefs and continental islands separated by hundreds of deep. read more...


Smoke and Roses - Half Way Around the World

Logged 1150 Nautical Miles7 Days 8 Hours149.75 Hours Sailing 26.25 Hours MotoringJuly 19 – 30 Vanuatu to AustraliaAs we head west from Vanuatu, we will be leaving the South Pacific and entering the Coral Sea. Arriving in Mackay, Australia, we have now crossed the entire South Pacific Ocean, 9000 nautical miles in 6 months. We are half way around the world. The 1150 nautical mile leg took 7 days and 8 hours. Within the last 12 hours we entered the Great Barrier Reef through Hydrographers Passage and started seeing whales. This was the first time we have seen whales while cruising, there were several. The closest came within 50 feet of us. Very cool.      I was very ill at the start of the voyage from a coral infection and did not get out of bed for two days. It. read more...


Smoke and Roses - Active Volcano, Cave of Skulls and Blue Lagoon

7-7 Malolo Lailai, Fiji to Tanna, Vanuatu Log 490 Nautical Miles 59.75 Hours Sailing 11.5 Hours Motoring7-13 Tanna to Erromango Log 61 Nautical Miles 5 Hours Sailing 5 Hours Motoring7-14 Erromango to Efate Log 84 Nautical Miles 14  Hours Sailing 2.5 Hours MotoringJuly 7 – 19           Musket Cove, Fiji to Tanna, Erramango and Efate, VanuatuVanuatu is a spectacular environment with tropical islands, active volcanoes, coral reefs and jungle wilderness. During our nine day cruise in Vanuatu we visited three very different islands, Tanna, Erromango and Efate. The three day passage from Fiji to Vanuatu started with lots of wind the first half and light wind by the end. The air was cool and skies were mostly sunny with no storms. We. read more...


Smoke and Roses - Living on the Hard is Hard

June 26 – July 6                                 Vuda Marina to Musket Cove, FijiI was surprised when Vuda Marina said they could haul our boat out the very next morning at 6:30 am, during high tide. Unfortunately the tide was misjudged and they could not get the trailer under our boat. The next morning the haul out was successful.  Although the boat was on the ground for seven days it felt much longer. Things fell into place at the end but took way more time and effort than it should have. The people at Vuda Marina were great but they did not work on boats, so we got prices from several contractors including Yacht Help, Yuve. read more...

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