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Mad Monkey
Owner Mark Chatfield
Design Grand Soleil 56
Length Overall 16 m 90 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 3621L

Skipper Mark wife Helen and son Josh have planned this circumnavigation for 4 years, strategically timed as a 2-year gap between A levels and University.
Having completed the Fastnet twice, together with many other challenging sailing adventures, we hope to have prepared ourselves for what we believe will be the greatest challenge.
We have sailed with many crew, some that are now friends, thus 16 will join us at various stages. Our targets are different meaning Josh wants to circumnavigate however is as-interested in visiting all 42 countries, learning the different cultures and indeed their economies as he strives to be a Financial Economist. Helen with a zest for life and the taste of adventure to also visit the many countries whilst meeting like-minded sailors. Whilst Skipper Mark wants the challenge of preparing the yacht for safe passage without damage to crew nor vessel indeed in preparation for maybe another global challenge… whilst enjoying the 2-year party - of course!

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Mad Monkey - 21/03/2018 - Mid-Pacific Crossing

We are now two thirds of the way to the French Polynesia, having left Santa Cruz- Galapagos- a week late due to an unexpected medical situation…For me, this is an ocean crossing like other. I certainly did not expect to be the recovering patient having to spend most of my time on the saloon sofa, keeping my spine straight and my foot elevated; all whilst wearing a corset! When I lie awake during the night, I never thought I would miss being outside doing a nightshift so much, battling the elements and reefing due to squalls, however I better be careful what I say about that because I may soon be regretting those words in the Indian Ocean!Thankfully, for most of this passage the wind has remained constant and the sea state has been reasonably calm, meaning it has aided my recovery big. read more...


Mad Monkey - A quick stop in Panama and now to see Galapagos

Mad Monkey arrived in Shelter Bay Panama a week before transiting the Canal so this gave us enough time to catch up on what's been 'going on' at home and to prepare the boat for the Pacific. We also enjoyed day trips to the new Gatan Locks where we were lucky enough to see a ship complete its transit and on another day, visit the Embera Indian Village where we got to meet the locals and acquire some tribal tattoos. We had great fun transiting the Panama Canal, rafted with Jojo's Circus and Alora, then coming together for a raft party in Gatan Lake. Once in La Playita we didn't have much time but managed to fit it some shopping, a Lebanese themed night and some rooftop bar sightseeing! Then it was time to explore the Pacific Ocean…We had 2 and half days exploring the Las Perlas Islands. read more...


Mad Monkey - Bob the Marlin Desperate to Join MAD MONKEY Crew !!!

Bob the Marlin Desperate to Join MAD MONKEY Crew!!! After fishing for only 1 hour, Bob the Marlin washooked. It took 35 minute to land and 3 days to eat !!! Estimated weight around 80-100Lbs   Mark Chatfield - SKIPPER  4928. read more...


Mad Monkey - Why it Tales Half an Hour to Jibe

Circumnavigating is hard work as clearly seen here bythe Mad Monkey crew  !!! Thus it's 'Why it Takes Half an Hour toJibe'   Mark Chatfield - SKIPPER  AD16. read more...



I should report and log a major leak which filled the Mad Monkey bilges yesterday afternoon that left the crew very distraught - questioning ourselves should we continue to St Lucia…Yesterday, at 1230hrs I had the task of 'bunk diving' (going beneath the bunks) and counting how many beers we had remaining for our arrival party into Rodney Bay. After counting to 20+ and getting through the first layer I noticed tins of Cruzcampo (beer) were covered in a brown sludge, both wet and sticky. After taking out a few more I realised the tins were swimming in a yeast-scented brown fluid. Then, after emptying the beer-bag, our fears were confirmed --- we found multiple empty tins… WE WERE LEAKING BEER. An invaluable sailor's commodity!Whilst holding back the tears I removed the tins 1 by 1, to. read more...

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