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Owner Steven Hamilton
Design Westerly Oceanlord 41
Length Overall 12 m 34 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number OD81

Anita and Steven Hamilton

Sailing two handed. Started with WARC 2017 to Mackay, spending 1 year in Australia (including 3 months in U.K.) and will join WARC 2018 in Darwin to complete the trip.

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Timshel - Cape Town to St Helena Day 13

After another rendezvous with Airpower and Pinta for fuel transfer, we were able to set course for St Helena again.We were sailing nicely on course in lovely sunshine during the evening, but disaster has struck our mainsail furling gear - AGAIN - the bottom fitting on the foil has sheared.Don't think any nasty weather is forecast for the next few days, so we can sail with what we have - as Ullman made the new sail too short in the foot it is about equivalent to a single reefed main, we can vary the amount of yankee set, and just take the main down when we get to St Helena.Not sure if anyone there will be able to fix it (and then there's the problem of parts) so we may be setting a dual headsail rig to get to Brazil - which we always meant to try.293 nm to St Helena and now back in west. read more...


Timshel - Cape Town to St Helena Day 12

Timshel and Airpower did manage to catch up to Pinta yesterday lunchtime - having persuaded George to Stop and wait.Airpower had been valiantly motoring at 8 knots to make up the distance while Timshel had made an enormous zig to the west on her course.But the wind was blowing 20 Knots + and a big sea.Airpower attempted a transfer first (hoping catamaran stability would help), they miraculously managed to pick up the fender and line trailed from Pinta and got one fuel can(10L)across - before the line got caught round her starboard prop.It seemed a bad idea to risk having 3 disabled boats so we agreed to sail on in company and try again when it is calmer.Fantastic effort from Airpower!George worked on his generator and somehow managed to find enough clean fuel to make electricity for a. read more...


Timshel - Cape Town to St Helena day 11

I seem to have lost count of the days a bit, something to do with sailing onward over an empty ocean. Yesterday morning SSB sked there was a plea for help from Pinta - her fuel is contaminated with seawater (?0) and he needs someone to give hi some cans of diesel in order to run his generator for electricity.Looking at the positions Timshel is about 80 nm west of Pinta and Airpower is about 88 nm SE i. directly behind on the course.Timshel does not have a lot of fuel but can spare a 20 L can, Airpower (a catamaran) has a lot more.So Timshel agrees to head more west to try to intercept Pinta and Airpower agrees to try to catch up.It became obvious that Pinta as going to need to slow down to allow Airpower to get closer to her.So that is why our course has deviated somewhat.Now sailing in. read more...


Timshel - Cape Town to St Helena Day 10 and 11

Yesterday our wind died away leaving us sailing slowly with sails crashing about in the waves.Eventually we gave in and motored for about 3 hours, the batteries needed charged anyway and hurrah the wind came back after that so making good progress again.Have been making bread, also pizza base which worked quite well, couldn't seem to find pre-prepared ones in South Africa. Apparently we can get a small salad pack (only 1 per boat) for £6.50 from St Helena, which is good as we'll have finished all the fresh stuff. You have to be prepared to pay more in remote places whether its an island or up a mountain.. read more...


Timshel - Cape Town to St Helena Day 8 and 9

Still making progress towards St Helena, wind varies in strength and direction a little.So sometimes we are reefed and going fast, sometimes like now full sail and going (relatively) slowly, sometimes downwind wing and wing, sometimes on a broad reach with sails on same side.We are trying to keep to the north of the Great Circle route as apparently best wind is to be found here.The water temperature is definitely increasing, up to 27.5 deg C, at Cape Town it was 16.So we should be able to swim at St Helena.Otherwise we are reading up about ports in Brazil in the Pilot books.Unfortunately we finished the Christmas cake yesterday.It is great to talk to our rally friends on the SSB twice daily, but this morning the set refused to turn on.Switching it on and off at the main transceiver (in. read more...

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