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Owner Steven Hamilton
Design Westerly Oceanlord 41
Length Overall 12 m 34 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number OD81

Anita and Steven Hamilton

Sailing two handed. Started with WARC 2017 to Mackay, spending 1 year in Australia (including 3 months in U.K.) and will join WARC 2018 in Darwin to complete the trip.

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Timshel - Cocos to Mauritius Day 16

More wind overnight so good progress, sunny day again.The morning radio net is much reduced, as most boats have arrived in port.There seems to be a shipping rout between Mauritius and Rodrigues, several tankers going past though only one coming close - they did eventually respond on VHF and agreed to deviate around us.The wind came more from NE so gybed onto stbd at 2330 at watch change.It does take a while to get the pole and everything changed over.We should be in on Wednesday 17 well before dark, at the moment the ETA to the waypoint is around lunchtime, then we have to motor into the port and clear customs.So this shold be the last night at sea and there is a nice half moon and stars, just about enough wind.As it is neap tides at least there should be no strong currents we make our. read more...


Timshel - Cocos to Mauritius Day 15

Another quiet day sailing, mostly in sunshine apart from a squall this morning that had us bowling along at top speed - unfortunately only for half an hour or so.The wind has varied from ESE to ENE so we've gybed a couple of times, Mauritius is now dead downwind, about 240 miles to go.We have seen a few ships - either visually or just on IS, I think they are en route from South Africa to Singapore or China.We are now managing to connect with the SSB to the server in Africa rather than Brunei.Our radio roll call is much truncated as boats have arrived in port.. read more...


Timshel - Cocos to Mauritius Day 14

Unfortunately our wind died this morning - but not completely, we have been sailing along on what would be a beautiful day in the sunshine - if we were just cruising about the Clyde, just a bit slow at 3-4 knots in 9 knots of true wind when you are trying to make a passage.But the wind has come up in the last half hour and we are making progress again, just hope it lasts.We may be arriving in Mauritius on Wednesday rather than Tuesday though.We now have land in sight - the island of Rodrigues, another 350 miles to Mauritius.. read more...


Timshel - Cocos to Mauritius Day 13

Another sparkling day sailing.Just before dark last night we set the (reefed) yankee with the pole wing and wing with reefed main turning more downwind as it was more east.Timshel runs very well like this albeit with some rolling - there is still a big swell.As the sun came up we could let out the reefs and have been going nicely all day.Now if it would just stay like this until we get there! With the calmer weather we were able to tidy up some things and run the watermaker, pizza for tea tonight.Our time is slightly skewed as we go west as we are still on Cocos time - as this is the time for the SSB net and the finish no point changing - but it now stays light in the evening, but sunrise is later in the morning.Of course we are also further south.. read more...


Timshel - Cocos to Mauritius Day12

Good news first thing this morning that the injured lady was transferred to the Mauritius coast guard vessel Barracuda with medical back up on board and speeding off to Mauritius.So she will have immediately been given the treatment she needs, and we are all hoping for a quick recovery.They had declared the seas too rough the previous evening.It has all moderated today, less wind, less waves, but there are still a few spiteful ones about so we still have all hatches and windows fastened, one board in the companionway and the companionway hatch closed.A few boats did have torrents of the water below over the chart table damaging their instruments.We are probably fortunate that our chart table is on the port side, with the boat on port tack any water getting in sprayed the galley and. read more...

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