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Owner Ros & Howard Cheetham
Design Nautitech 442
Length Overall 13 m 47 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Misto - November 4-13: Completing the Indian Ocean Passage

This technically challenging passage was full of sail changes as we adjusted course and the weather rolled in from different directions and the currents in this part of the ocean ebbed and flowed with and against us.  However with our great crew, Misto again showed what she can do.  We completed the 1370 nm in 8 daysand 8 hours with an average speed of around 6.7 kn.  Along the way we encountered pretty much every imaginable sailing condition - squalls full of lightening lasting hours, huge swells of well over 12’, lumpy, bumpy seas that threw us around like a monohull, and a lot of close hauled sailing which is not a catamaran’s strong suit, but also beautiful sailing days where we flew the gennaker and romped along at 8-10 kn. Our timing for arrival in. read more...


Misto - November 4-5 2018: ".... and here is the weather forecast"

How often have we heard the weather introduced on the TV or radio with ".... and here is the weather forecast"? We take it for granted that when on land it is easy to obtain up to the minute weather information. When at sea, where weather information is crucial, it's a bit different and there are various ways of obtaining weather information - either via the SSB radio or satellite communications with VHF and mobile phones only useful close inshore.In the Atlantic and Pacific we were very successful with the SSB radio but here in the Indian Ocean it has become increasingly difficult to get a good enough connection to download any files of significant size and so, with Martin's help, we have now connected the sat phone to the system and are using that as well. In addition to what we can. read more...


Misto - November 2-3 2018: Departure from Reunion

Well we have said au revoir to Reunion with its French bread and pain au chocolat!Yesterday was a day of preparation ending with a great meal in the local restaurant. The weather is still changeable but we have departed in light winds and are having to motor - probably for 2-3 days. Just out of Le Port we landed a 30 lb tuna which solves the question of what we will be eating tonight!. read more...


Misto - October 25-November 1, 2018: Reunion

The sail across to Reunion was fast and easy compared to the passage from Cocos Keeling. We did multiple sail changes as the wind came from several different directions during the trip and varied in strength. Arriving in Reunion, we berthed at Le Port with Aranui alongside us. It was all worthwhile as Misto for first place in the catamaran division for this leg. Sunday was an all day tour of the island. Piton de la Fournaise, the volcano was the main destination. This is one of the most active volcanos in the world but all the activity is currently underground in larva tunnels. Lunch, a local market and some viewpoints completed the day. Monday and Tuesday we buddied up with Steve and Anita from Timshel and set off in a rental car to explore Cirque de Cilaos, one of three Cirques creates. read more...


Misto - October 19-24, 2018: Mauritius

The last few days of the passage were uneventful and we motor-sailed and finally motored the last 12 hours or so.  We could have arrived around midnight on October 20, but decided to slow down and arrive at first light.  Port Louis is a surprisingly large and bustling port and after gaining permission to enter we motored in and were moored on the outer wall of the Caudan Basin. We were greeted by a number of our fellow WARC sailors and Galen with shots of a local rum - Pink Pigeon - a surprisingly smooth local rum.Monday brought the tour of the island and we enjoyed visiting the chateau Labordonnais and tasting their rum offerings, the Sugar Museum with their rums, and the botanical gardens.  It gave us a nice overview of the island's history and we saw a little of the. read more...

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