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Owner Ros & Howard Cheetham
Design Nautitech 442
Length Overall 13 m 47 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Misto - February 7-8 2019: The parasailor is no more

At 3 am on the morning of Feb 8, with a coupe of cracks and sounds of tearing our parasailor ripped itself to death.The fabric in the top half has split right down both edges past the actual wing of the sail.We think that the fabric was just well used and its time had come. We've had the sail for over 5 years and it has been flown extensively - especially in the Pacific.We managed to snuff it and so we can take a look in Salvador, but I think that it is not repairable - or at least not worth repairing. It's really a pity as for the last two days we had better wind, 14-17 knots and were sailing along really well.Now it has dropped back to 9-13 knots and we are motor sailing with the gennaker. So we will be without a real downwind sail for the rest of our return to the USA.Hopefully most. read more...


Misto - January 28-February 6 2019: En Route to Salvador

I guess that as sailors we are never really satisfied! On this passage everyone has been seeking more wind.With trade winds of only 10-15 knots for much of the time, and even lower over recent days, the passage has been slow, to say the least.It has made for gentle, smooth sailing and the possibility to do chores, cook and read. Fishing has also been on the agenda, but so far we have been unsuccessful, although others have made some catches. Now with a little over 400 nm to go we are trying to time our arrival for daylight and with our goal in sight several boats are now motoring, some, or all of the time.We are motoring when the wind is less than 10 knots and sailing with the parasailor when it is more.It has been a quiet and contemplative passage a far cry from the frenzy of the Indian. read more...


Misto - January 23-27 2018: St Helena, a remote British outpost

The last two days into St Helena were somewhat frustrating with the wind very much behind us and therefore difficult to find a good point of sail.We should probably have put up the parasailor, however we persevered with the main and gennaker or genoa.We arrived in St Helena at 07h40 local time and picked up a mooring.Then it was a mad rush to get the water taxi to the dock and complete all the formalities.We were just in time for the tour bus to pick us up from immigration so that we could enjoy the tour of the island.St Helena is a small, volcanic island which, discovered in the early 1500's, became a staging post for ships.Latterly, with the opening of the Suez canal, it's importance diminished.Today it is a sleepy British outpost, where delightful English is spoken the the very. read more...


Misto - January 16-22 2019: Towards St Helena

With a little over 400 nm to go I'm starting to feel that our goal is in sight.We are motor sailing at this point to try and arrive on Thursday afternoon in time to check in and attend the WARC function on Thursday night.Our progress has been frustrated by adverse current and rather fickle winds, variable in both speed and direction from moment to moment, and I'm sure that the current has cost us at least 12 hours.We seem to have made endless sail changes to try and make the best of the winds but unfortunately what wind there has been for the last couple of days has been from almost dead astern. We have not flown the parasailor on this leg as we felt that we were making better speed with our new (larger) mainsail and the gennaker. This has been a good sail combination but we have had a. read more...


Misto - January 14-15 2019: En Route to St Helena at last

Underway at 4am, we found ourselves in conditions with almost no wind and so we had to motor for much of the first day. We were surrounded by Cape Fur Seals and also saw a whale ahead of us. Eventually on the second day out the winds started to fill in and we even put a reef in for the evening.The South Atlantic seems to be a welcome change from the Indian Ocean with its nasty seas and ever changing winds.Here, the seas are kinder with long swells and the winds more consistent, although we have to get around the South Atlantic High before the Trade Winds really fill in.We are just about in communication with the rest of the fleet, being able to make out some boats on the daily nets.It's still over 1400nm to St Helena so much can happen, but perhaps we will make up some time on the fleet,. read more...

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