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Owner Howard & Ros Cheetham
Design Nautitech 442
Length Overall 13 m 47 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Misto - October 15-18, 2018: Onward to Mauritius

We have done really well over the last three days with great winds in the hi teens and low 20's and seas that have been reasonable and not so confused as in the early part of the passage.The presence of the moon at night has made the night watches much more pleasurable than earlier in the trip when the moon was not showing itself at night. All the other WARC boats are now in Port Louis, but Timshel have kindly agreed to continue talking with us on the SSB each morning, which is greatly appreciated as it is wonderful to have that connection with others.I think we have seen the best that the Indian Ocean has to offer - great sailing in brisk winds and rolling swells - but also a taste of what it can be like when it blows up, whipping the seas into confusion and blowing hard.It's another. read more...


Misto - October 14, 2018: Calm and Serene (well, comparatively speaking)

For now the rambunctious winds and rough seas have given way to a calmer view of the Indian Ocean.Today the winds have dropped to an enjoyable 16 knots or so and the seas have dropped considerably, even if they can't quite make up their minds which direction to come from.It was a day when you are pleased to be out sailing, in comparison to the previous few when I wondered why on earth I was doing this! Tonight the small sliver of moon is also shining - through clouds it must be admitted - but when it does shine through it lights up the water with a ghostly, silvery sheen rather appropriate for approaching Halloween.-----At 10/14/2018 12:38 PM (utc) our position was 17°46.23'S 075°56.30'EOur course and speed are 251T at 6.2kts. read more...


Misto - October 8-13, 2018: Speeding Towards Mauritius

The first 2-3 days of this epic Indian Ocean passage were gentle to us.We sailed some and motor-sailed some, in sunny and relatively calm conditions.We had coconuts on board and at Howard's request to find a use or them, Ros found a coconut macaroon recipe and had fun baking up these delicious, sweet and gooey treats. Then things changed and we have been encountering winds up to 32 knots, with large and confused seas that have really been pushing us around.But it does mean that we are making fast progress towards Mauritius.Although we are behind the fleet due to our delayed departure, we have been able to hear most of the radio nets and participate in some.The propagation in the morning is better than the evenings, when we are lucky if we can make out a few words. Also some boats are. read more...


Misto - September 20-October 7 2018: Christmas island and Cocos Keeling

Arriving in Flying Fish Bay just before midnight we picked up one of the remaining mooring balls and were joined a few hours later by Mischief who rafted up with us.Flying Fish Bay is somewhat dominated by the port operations for the Phosphate mining operation that is the main source of employment on the island. Despite this the waters are brilliantly clear and visibility was tremendous.Ashore we enjoyed the tour arranged by WARC which really introduced us to the world renowned natural features of the island.The most famous of these being the red crabs and their annual migration.We were fortunate to see Red crabs and the huge Robber Crabs, even though is was not migration time.We enjoyed other natural sights including the blow holes. After the tour we took ourselves to the local museum. read more...


Misto - September 16-19, 2018: To Christmas Island

The Lombok to Christmas Island start was slightly delayed as we had to wait for our clearance papers, but eventually we all set sail for Christmas Island. The current was running fast, up to 6 knots, in the Lombok Channel and it made for very large, and sometimes churning, seas in the channel.Having started with all our white sails up we had to put 2 reefs in the main when we encountered the conditions in the channel, but eventually we made it out to calmer waters.The next 12 hours included some motoring, but then we had a day or so of beautiful sailing with big, gentle ocean swells.However on the evening of September 18 the wind started to pick up and the seas became increasingly lumpy and confused due to a weather system to our south.With winds up to 25 knots, a reef in the main, wind. read more...

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