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Blue Pearl
Owner Ruud & Laurie Bosman
Design Hylas 54
Length Overall 54 feet 1 inches
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Blue Pearl - Back in Tahiti

Our cruising life is full of surprises. Last time I reported on our wonderful time in the Society Islands and our upcoming visit to Bora Bora, the last island of this island group included in our itinerary. And now, unexpectedly, Blue Pearl is back at the dock in Tahiti awaiting arrival of a replacement part for our generator from the US.Our generator had started to malfunction and the nearest place for repairs to be made was Tahiti, so here we are. The sail back from Bora Bora to Tahiti was interesting. It was a nice windy night so we happily sailed along, we didn't have the generator to charge our batteries when the time came but we did have the boat engine which could do the same thing.. Or so we thought..! When the time came to charge and we turned the engine on the alternator (the. read more...


Blue Pearl - Society Islands.

It's been a while since you last heard from Blue Pearl but rest assured, we are having a wonderful time in the Society Islands. I had told you last week that we left Tahiti on Monday and today, a week later, we are in Taha after visiting Huahine and Raiatea. Confusing, I know, but just get your maps out and you can figure out where we are. Our next stop has a more familiar name, Bora Bora, which is the last of the Society Islands that we will visit. It is also the last French Polynesian territory that we will be at.We have admired beautiful scenery, enjoyed wonderful meals and great restaurants, snorkeled in beautiful blue water, swamwith sharks (yes, not dolphins this time) while scuba diving and visited prominent local sites. One, the mecca of the Polynesian religion, on the Island of. read more...


Blue Pearl - Tahiti

Finally a brief note from Blue Pearl again. We have been in the Taina marina in Tahiti since Monday afternoon and are planning to leave here tomorrow. This has been a work week. Boat maintenance, boat cleaning, provisioning etc. and no sight seeing. Just a couple of trips into Papeete, the main city in Tahiti. A bustling Polynesian city with lots of restaurants.We did go to a Polynesian dancing show at the nearby Meridian hotel including a beautiful buffet dinner. We were with our friends from Alora, a Hylas 56, owned by Steve and Linda who were the previous owners of our boat, Blue Pearl. Steve likes to say that he has two boats in the rally. I tried some Polynesian dancing and ended up with a "pain in the back".We also have a crew change. Adrian, our crew member from Switzerland , has. read more...


Blue Pearl - Moorea

So, Moorea is the Island with the most photographed bay in all of French Polynesia!And that's where we are "Baie d'Opunohu". A bay surrounded bymajestic mountain scenery and the location of many famous movies such as "South Pacific and "Bounty". When we woke up this morning , we saw the result of all this beauty and fame,a huge cruise ship obstructing our view to the ocean outside. That's progress for you.We arrived here yesterday after a 36 hour passage from Rangiroa in the Tuomotu's, also in French Polynesia. We didn't have much wind so we motored for about 24 hours, never as nice as sailing. Rangiroa was a delightful spot. We dove, relaxed and visited a pearl farm. If you have an opportunity visit a pearl farm, you'll be amazed at the complexity of the process. I thought you'd just. read more...


Blue Pearl - Swimming with Dolphins

I know daughter Nicole will be quite jealous of me because this morning I swam with dolphins on the reef just outside Passe Tiputa which is the access to the Rangiroa atoll, the second largest in the world. We were scuba diving and it didn't take long for the dolphins to show up. They were the big grey variety similar to the ones we see off the east coast, not the small black ones that we have been seeing in the Pacific. In any case a big one to a liking to me and we played around for a while. I was allowed to touch her and we swam along together...! What a treat.Brita took some pictures and a video which I will share when I can.We had arrived at the Passe Tiputa early yesterday morning. Just when the ebb current was at its greatest, we measured it at 6.5 kts. In addition the wind of. read more...

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