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Blue Pearl
Owner Ruud & Laurie Bosman
Design Hylas 54
Length Overall 54 feet 1 inches
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Blue Pearl - Blue Pearl-Las Perlas

It is a beautiful morning at our Contadora anchorage in the Las Perlas Islands. Lyn and John our new and delightful crew from Australia have taken the dinghy to go ashore and explore this small island which is a weekend beach destination for the Panama City Crowd.The Las Perlas Archipelago is a short daysail from mainland Panama where we departed from yesterday morning after staying at the LaPlayita marina for 4 days. Based there we explored Panama City both new and old and the bit destroyed in 1671 by pirate Henry Morgan. The City has done an amazing job of turning Henry's handy work into a beautifully maintained and educational museum site (Panama la Vieja). It is always disturbing to see how destructive violence ruled so much of the Middle Ages. Have we learned from this?In any case. read more...


Blue Pearl - Blue Pearl-Shelter Bay

Shelter Bay is the marina close to the entrance to the Panama Canal where the World ARC fleet has gathered awaiting transiting the Canal.We arrived here on Wednesday afternoon after a very nice sail from the town of Portobello where we had spent the night after enjoying a great meal at Jack's, a beautifully situated restaurant serving wonderful food. We had sailed to Portobello from Porvenir our last stop in the San BlasIslands and the location of a Panamanian immigration office. Getting to the office from the boat was a little challenging as the island is surrounded by reefs. I probably didn't follow the instructions carefully as I managed to hit the reef three times with my dinghy engine.But here we are in Shelter Bay getting ready to transit the Canal Tuesday and Wednesday (it is. read more...


Blue Pearl - Blue Pearl-Rolling to San Blas

We thought it would be OK for Blue Pearl to miss the start of the Santa Marta to San Blas leg by a day since our Aruba sojourn had set us back about 4 days behind the rest of the fleet and left us with very little time in Santa Marta.I should havementioned , when I wrote before , the heroic performance of Joe, our senior crew member, docking stern to into a slip with the wind gusting 25-30kts on the beam in the marina in Santa Marta. For the uninitiated that's quite an achievement.In any case less than 48 hours later we were on our way again, sailing West to the San Blas Islands. The San Blas Islands make for an interesting story. Worth your while to read up on and learn about the nation of the Guna Indians but too involved to describe here. One little tidbit:" keep your hands off the. read more...


Blue Pearl - Surprise Surprise...!

Here we are in Santa Marta, Columbia, 10 days after the start of the Rally and we have already retired from the event once and rejoined it again. Not many boats can claim that accomplishment...!We also proudly arrived in Santa Marta , the destination of leg 1, as the last boat in and with one fewer crew aboard than we started with. Who could have known.So, what happened? Well as the health of our crew always comes first we decided to take a detour to Aruba to allow Laurie to recover from a particularly strenuous first three Rally days with boisterous seas but, more importantly, some ailments that don't combine well with passage making. She is in Miami now, doing well and is planning to rejoin us in Panama City.Aruba was an experience. We had arrived in the dark, found a reef to anchor. read more...


Blue Pearl - At Last

Well, after all the preparations made over the last year or so we are finally ready to get underway. We thought this day would never come!We will be leaving the dock in half an hour or so and make our way to the start line to begin the first leg of the World ARC RALLY to Santa Marta, Columbia.Blue Pearl is in good shape for at least as long something doesn't break which would be par for the course for a sailboat.The crew, although a little on the old side, are fit and healthy and up to the task and eager to get going.We'll drop you a note from time to time. If you don't hear from us it means we are having a good time, when we do write we are blowing off steam.Ruud Bosman. read more...

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