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Owner Charlie & Cathy Simon
Design Taswell 58 AS
Length Overall 58 feet 3 inches
Flag United States of America
Sail Number USA52274

“Celebrate” is a Taswell 58 AS sailing boat launched in 2003. My wife and I purchased her a year ago and sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Nova Scotia and back to get used to her and decide on improvements.

She is a fast, comfortable boat with an easy sea motion and felt secure in squalls with winds to 75kts and loping downwind with winds to 50kts. For the refit currently in progress, we have replaced the navigational instruments and radar, upgraded the refrigeration system, added solar panels, some new sails, and are arranging to replace the standing rigging and most of the running rigging. Also, we have increased the storage space for additional gear and provisioning for the trip, are augmenting the safety gear and have added a Sat Phone with weather data capabilities. All-in-all we are making her as safe and comfortable as possible for the circumnavigation. She is a wonderful boat and we all can have a safe and enjoyable sail.

Sailed on World ARC 2014/15

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Celebrate - Arrival in USA,!!! Home Again , Playing Our Theme Song "Celebration Time Come On..."!!!

Let the music play, "Celebration Time Come On..."!!!We are back in the USA after 18 months and what a mega packed memory sailing adventure it has been. The last bit, the Gulfstream Crossing, in which the high current worked to our advantage to hasten our passage was still exhilarating.Our thanks to so many people who helped make our dream a reality.Stay safe everybody, your dreams can come true!!! Captain Charlie & CathyARC USA and World ARC Rally Finishers. read more...


Celebrate - Back to the USA via Bermuda Feasting on Steak & Shrimp!

Just crossing the infamous Cape Hatteras ocean area then home again to the idyllic Chesapeake Bay in only 170nm!Yeah!Also, finishing off our provisions has been a food fest with steak & shrimp for lunch and dinner.Lots of exercise needed here when we get into Portsmouth, Virginia.The winds have been up & down but we feel that we have made good time.The weather has turned cooler at nights so up went the canvas & glass cockpit surround and some long pants and jackets.A few birds have followed us for a while, always entertaining!Charlie & CathyNext:The Gulfstream Crossing. read more...


Celebrate - Nanny Cay, BVI's - A New Rally, A New Beginning!

Our first impression of Nanny Cay was charming with Sir Richard Branson's "Necker Belle" tied up to the dock and pastel painted shops on shore.Also, we saw boats from our previous fleet of the World ARC, Ghost, Avocet, Polaris and Merlyn, so we felt right at home. There were many new boats, faces and new friends to make, as well.With rum punches at the welcome party and a cheerful greeting committee of "yellow shirts" Lyall, Nicki, Jake, Mia, Claudia and Trish, it was a good time!Our final dinner was smashing with over 200 people and a wonderful West Indies buffet.Thank you to all for all of the effort.It worked! Charlie & CathyNext: Bermuda Passage. read more...


Celebrate - Bermuda Night Entry and Leaving the Next Day for the USA to Catch a Weather Window

Even though we rushed to arrive at Bermuda before nightfall, it was not to be.With Cathy on the bow of Celebrate with a search light looking for markers and me cautiously moving the boat through the channel to the customs dock we arrived just fine.Also, Mia was such a welcome sight on the dock at 9pm as she directed us to a docking spot, helped us tie up and gave us two nicely chilled dark & stormy drinks!How nice was that!In the morning as we looked at the upcoming weather we realized our weather window was now, so off we sailed and expect to arrive at Portsmouth, Viginia on Monday, May 18th.It's been a great time and we will see the World Cruising Club again!Charlie & Cathy. read more...


Celebrate - SSB Net, May 13, Gooood Morming ARC Fleet and "Contest of the Day"! Rhyming...

Everyone is a winner!The "contest of the day" was making a rhyme for the evening radio check-in.Many boats participated.One particularly wonderful entry was from Widago who had each verse read on the radio by a different crew member.I hope they put it in the blog.Here are the rhymes I received by email:--The Polaris Crew. The day today was very calm. Feeling like sitting in the sand beneeth a palm.But then we get a reminder. Keep a sharp look out, even the grinder.First we found a red rescue ring, one hour later a yellow floating lifesling.Later in the afternoon, we ate homemade applepie, with a spoon.Matthias put the oven on. Sorry fleet, he just made one.After that, oh what a drama, a floating box left by a fishing farmer.After all we have dinner now. We lucky guys, we get slices of a. read more...

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