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Owner Robert Woods
Design Morris 46
Length Overall 45 feet 11 inches
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

1997 Morris 46 bought in 2008 from first owner. Coastal sailing between Virginia and Maine. This is the first Carib 1500 for my crew and myself but the boats second.

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Lexington - Captain Bob: 2/20/2018 09*. 02' south. 035*. 05' west

We are one day out of Capadello where we will stay until we take off for Granada. My theme lately is to see what I have learned in the past 14 months. I will try to summarize our group as to qualities leading to a successful less challenging trip. Just about everyone who wanted to finish will finish the trip. One owner was older and decided to sell his boat in Australia. He had planned to have his wife be with him but she decided that sailing was not for her. He had three great crew but his heart was not in it to continue and he got a good quick offer for his boat. The boat market is good in Australia. He may have found that he was a little older than he thought. I know I have really felt my age. Another boat dropped out in Australia. They joined in Fiji from the year before. They had. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: 2/17/2018. 12*. 45' south. 38*. 01 west

We are sailing north along the coast of Brazil towards Capadello. From there we will head to Granada (about 1200 miles). We have almost completed our circumnavigation and I really do not know what I have learned. That is mostly because I have not thought about it that much. One can not sail 28,000 miles around the world and not learn anything. So here goes with a few things I have learned or reinforced. If one had to pick 1. Excellent boat 2. Excellent captain 3. Being in the right place at the right time , I would choose 3.This trip is a perfect example. We have not had a start delayed by weather. This is a trip planned years ahead of time and starts scheduled. We have had some less than perfect weather at times but nothing that should challenge our skills much. For sure there are. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: 2/16/2018

We are anchored at Morro São Paulo. We will be headed north in a few days toward Capadello. I was talking to a couple of other Arc participants about the finish line being near. The general consensus was that we were completing a major accomplishment. I alway have a different view than others about a lot of things. The more I thought about it the more I thought that my sister Alice Baesler and her husband, Scotty Baesler completed a more difficult task each year as they raised 300-400 acres of tobacco. They managed a crew of 20-30 workers for whom they furnished housing, transportation, medical coverage and weekly visits to the grocery.They sometimes have up to 60-70 contract workers at busy times. They have a greater financial risk. Farming is almost as dangerous as mining. I have a. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: Ferry trip to adjacent island

Five of us took a ferry to the adjacent island of Taparica which was only about 5 miles away. We decided to get a little different scenery. We took the ferry and then took a taxi to a beach just south of our landing area. The taxi took us to a beach restaurant where we had drinks and some food. I walked the beach a lot and swam a little. The water was very warm, about 85 degrees. There were all kinds of people there. There were a lot of families with children. There were a lot of good looking women in very small swim suits. The smallest had a small triangle of cloth at the back which disappeared to join another small triangle in the front. There were the usual people who should not have been wearing such suits. image1 image2 image3 image4. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: Carnival

Sam, Karen and I all went to the old city squares tonight for more carnival. This was smaller groups of bands, dancers and people in costumes. It was actually more enjoyable to me than the event we paid for. image1 image2 image3 image4 image5. read more...

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