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Owner Robert Woods
Design Morris 46
Length Overall 45 feet 11 inches
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

1997 Morris 46 bought in 2008 from first owner. Coastal sailing between Virginia and Maine. This is the first Carib 1500 for my crew and myself but the boats second.

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Lexington - Captain Bob: Rodney Bay

After 15 months we are finally back in Rodney Bay crossing our start line and finalizing our circumnavigation.It has been a long short voyage. Video image1. image2.. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: last post

It is over. We have crossed the finish line and the fat lady has sung the last song. image1. image2.. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: Marigot Bay

Tomorrow is the finish. Today I was totally lazy. The only think I did was to fix my own breakfast. After that we went to the restaurant for morning coffee. Then we spent the remainder of the day at the pool and the dinner at a marina restaurant. We only have about 6 miles to the finish line. It will be a big show of our boats decorated with all our flags parading to the finish line and then into Rodney Bay. We will have a big final party and then people will start leaving. I will fly home on the 10th. image1. image2. image3.. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: 4/3/2018

We are now in Cumberland Bay on St Vincent. It is a nice open bay. It is different in that the water is deep close to shore. We dropped anchor out from the shore and tied the stern to a tree on shore to keep the boat pointed to the swell and to keep the anchor engaged. In that way more boats can anchor close to each other. There is a small village with several boat boys that tend to the boats helping with anchoring and selling their wears of fruit and crafts. There are several small restaurants. We are now 4 days from the finish line. That will be an event worth celebrating. We will have a large celebration party on the 7th. I will fly home on the 10th. I will celebrate again upon homecoming. image1. image2.. read more...


Lexington - Captain Bob: Marigot Bay

We are tied up at Marigot BayIt is a very nice marina. We are 6 miles from the finish which we will cross on 4/7/2018. I will send a couple of photos from the marina. image1. image2.. read more...

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