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Owner Mark Burton & Cecilie Hammersland
Design Bluewater 476
Length Overall 14 m 45 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number n/a

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Cohiba - Day 19 Cohiba blog

Written on our iPad ( hate these things ) really who cares weather (sic) it’s written on an iPad or android etc etc Well we have hopefully just done our last pole Gybe and foresail set as we aim for the finish, just under 400 nm to go, think we can smell rum !!!! Crew now a well drilled machine, hoping to be well oiled shortly...Our Reggie (tame flying fish) is drying out nicely and is spoken to most days or sought for advice and local weather tips.Reflecting on the past few days, at last seeing the true trades, glorious sunny days, clear moon lit nights, brilliant sailing....I wonder what the worlds leaders are doing about the weed situation? Plays havoc with our Pauline, the hydrovane, so Pontius the Pilot is putting in his shifts too when we tire of Mandraulic helming.The chefs. read more...


Cohiba - Day 15 maybe

Well Sunday was fun no wind at all and I mean no wind .Two Dorados and of course the biggest one got away, but the kept one fed us all with left overs fresher than fresh gorgeous.So trade winds mmmmm well maybe they come back soon. It’s very strange seeing the Atlantic so mirror like. Swimming this afternoon was fun with comedy dives and go pro action. Water maker has been working flat out all day so fresh water showers after the salty dip for everyone.Boat smells lovely again well we think so anyway.Flying fish activity is the highlight of most days, we have detained Reggie as a guest he seems quite happy spinning gently in the breeze at the back of the boat, plan is to dry him out and after that who knows !!!!!Less than a thousand miles to go now but still the wind god looks upon us. read more...


Cohiba - Day 12

Hello peeps Strange as we sail along none of us really know what day it is , which is a fantastic feeling.Beating to windward mid Atlantic is strange.Flying fish or swimming birds this is the question ?We have impact sites all over the boat some two meters above sea level. The unfortunate part is they arrive on deck at night and quietly suffocate becoming stiff and smelly.Another Dorado yesterday but full of white lice so back it went .Chicken curry instead.Water making this morning a fascinating process of converting ocean into the most fantastic tasting of nothing fresh water no minerals and only 78 parts per millionof particulates. We wonder what they are.That’s all for now folks Love and kisses COHIBA. read more...


Cohiba - Day 11 update from the good ship Cohiba

Who would believe it beefing to windward mid Atlantic seriously !!On the plus side we get to see squalls early and practice dark cloud avoidance tactics.The crew are learning how to do 360 degree turns without even trying. The perfect wind shift was tacked on by John last evening an absolute text book manouvre that anyone would be proud of, bring on a few more of those pleeeeeeze. Planned a steak and trimmings dinner with gravy last night Squall 10 put pay to that but Chris still produced an amazing bowl dinner. Left overs eaten for breakfast by Sander this morning.The Obligitory Atlantic swim took place yesterday to include clearing barnacle growth from the prop which will now feather so no longer slowing us down or annoying us with its constant whine.Fortunately Cohiba was built with a. read more...


Cohiba - Day 8 - where do you meet new people

All is well onboard Cohiba, we are keeping busy sailing, eating, drinking tea, fishing and night watches seems to contain the activity of eating snacks from the snack cupboard without leaving any evidence when the daylight arrives. Wrapping or crumbs have been found on the cockpit floor, so apparently we have a snack monsters no one have yet seen...hmmmm :-) We have been out here for a week now, and we are already worried the days will go too fast and before we know it we will be in St. Lucia. Not that we don’t want to arrive, we love Caribbean but time at sea is so special and we are enjoying it to the most. Fishing is going better and we had Mahi Mahi sashimi for lunch yesterday followed by home made meat balls for dinner.The Atlantic is big, and although there is more than just us out. read more...

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