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Cohiba - Day 15 maybe

Well Sunday was fun no wind at all and I mean no wind .
Two Dorados and of course the biggest one got away, but the kept one fed us all with left overs fresher than fresh gorgeous.
So trade winds mmmmm well maybe they come back soon. It’s very strange seeing the Atlantic so mirror like.
Swimming this afternoon was fun with comedy dives and go pro action.
Water maker has been working flat out all day so fresh water showers after the salty dip for everyone.
Boat smells lovely again well we think so anyway.
Flying fish activity is the highlight of most days, we have detained Reggie as a guest he seems quite happy spinning gently in the breeze at the back of the boat, plan is to dry him out and after that who knows !!!!!
Less than a thousand miles to go now but still the wind god looks upon us with dismay seriously the rum will be all gone if we don’t get there soon.
Nice to feel warmer every day and the evening freshness is great like a morning walk in springtime only warmer.
We had cake yesterday I think or maybe that was today, the brown cheese has ran out but we still have caviar and lots of meat.
A few fresh fruits left and a little bit of fresh veg no worries really to be honest just keeping on keeping on.
Love to all

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