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Cohiba - Day 19 Cohiba blog

Written on our iPad ( hate these things ) really who cares weather (sic) it’s written on an iPad or android etc etc
Well we have hopefully just done our last pole Gybe and foresail set as we aim for the finish, just under 400 nm to go, think we can smell rum !!!! Crew now a well drilled machine, hoping to be well oiled shortly...
Our Reggie (tame flying fish) is drying out nicely and is spoken to most days or sought for advice and local weather tips.
Reflecting on the past few days, at last seeing the true trades, glorious sunny days, clear moon lit nights, brilliant sailing....I wonder what the worlds leaders are doing about the weed situation? Plays havoc with our Pauline, the hydrovane, so Pontius the Pilot is putting in his shifts too when we tire of Mandraulic helming.
The chefs (mainly Mark and Chris) and the Chief Baker (Cecilie) on the good ship Cohiba continue to excel themselves, although there will be a session of the FBI (food bureau investigation) due to the excessive snack consumption on certain watches, (Sanders impressive stocks are even seen to be dwindling) evidence is being gathered and opening statements prepared for the session to be held in the Boardwalk bar, sentencing will be interesting.....Judge John presiding (Impartiality guaranteed by inducement (beers) from the plaintiffs) clearly too many Grisham novels on board.
What a trip so far, see you all at the finish, fast and safe ..JC

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