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Maria Concordia
Owner Bernhard Sobotta
Design Broadblue 42
Length Overall 12 m 90 cm
Flag Germany
Sail Number

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Maria Concordia - Not catching up but still following!

Today is the first Sunday at sea, starting with a shower, fresh clothes and an attempt at having a lovely looking, juicy melon for breakfast, which turned out to be so bitter, that it was not even edible with lots of sugar and had to go overboard - shame! The weather is calm but grey skies, no sunshine and even a tiny bit of an occasional drizzle.It is also the last day of the first week at sea and I have a distance of 850 nm behind me and 950 nm ahead. This evening will be half-way, or "Bergfest" as we say in German. All along the mainsail has not been out of its bag, following seas and light winds, just using the two headsails wing-on-wing have made this a very relaxing voyage, though certainly not a record-breaking fast one. The challenge for the next three days will be passing. read more...


Maria Concordia - Log Bermuda

blockquote.cite { margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 0px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right:0px; border-left: 1px solid #cccccc } blockquote.cite2 {margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 0px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right:0px; border-left: 1px solid #cccccc; margin-top: 3px; padding-top: 0px; } a img { border: 0px; } li[style='text-align: center;'], li[style='text-align: right;'] {list-style-position: inside;} body { font-family: Segoe UI; font-size: 12pt; } Maria Concordia won second prize in the leg from Tortola to Bermuda! A fine bottle of Gosling rum, nice and local. Bermuda is a lovely island, very British, great public transport system, every garden could compete with a Botanical Garden in other countries, lush and green. Beautiful villas all around and the view out to turquoise, shallow. read more...


Maria Concordia - Arrived Bermuda

We have reached our first target: five and a half days at sea, about 860 nm covered. Unfortunately much time with little wind and then finally the last 150 nm the wind on the nose. Using the motor much, emptying diesel tanks, like other boats - not so great... However, what is much worse - on our way to a boatyard to have the last injector for the white smoking engine checked, both engines failed to deliver any power. It is not clear, why. The technicians will hopefully assess this tomorrow. The boatyard sent two guys to tow us in. One on them hit our boat hard and tore some of the "bumper" off. Finally the generator stopped working too. We just wanted to change the impeller, which was missing - the first spare part we needed that was not on the boat! Checking the oil routinely I saw. read more...


Maria Concordia - Log Day 5

The Atlantic Ocean can be very rough, but also incredibly calm. We have been motoring the whole day over flat seas with a large end gentle swell. A tanker produced some excitement in the morning. During a squall in the rain he came so close to us, not reacting to our calls on the radio, that I had to slow down to let him pass. There may have been no-one on the bridge or they just did not care about collision avoidance regulations? In the morning I was off-watch, sleeping with the starboard engine humming along below my bunk when I suddenly woke up alarmed: the engine was not running smoothly. I jumped up to the helm and turned the engine off even before the watch noticed what was going on. A look into the water made this obvious - we had caught some drifting line and fishing net with the. read more...


Maria Concordia - Log Day 4

A sunny, lovely morning and we took the cruising chute out - only chance for some sailing up until mid-day when there was so little wind that we had to motor. A vast area of light winds south of Bermuda will probably force us to motor quiet a bit more. If there is any more wind at all it is found in the rain squalls for a short time only. At least we get the salt washed off the deck once or twice a day by the rain. We had Noemi's frozen Goulash for dinner - great! In the last squall a tanker was hiding and passing very close indeed, so much so I had to slow down even though we had the right of way. I tried to call and no response, perhaps no one on the bridge.... read more...

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