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Maria Concordia - Log Day 5

The Atlantic Ocean can be very rough, but also incredibly calm. We have been motoring the whole day over flat seas with a large end gentle swell. A tanker produced some excitement in the morning. During a squall in the rain he came so close to us, not reacting to our calls on the radio, that I had to slow down to let him pass. There may have been no-one on the bridge or they just did not care about collision avoidance regulations? In the morning I was off-watch, sleeping with the starboard engine humming along below my bunk when I suddenly woke up alarmed: the engine was not running smoothly. I jumped up to the helm and turned the engine off even before the watch noticed what was going on. A look into the water made this obvious - we had caught some drifting line and fishing net with the prop. Down came the sails and I jumped into the pond, still nice and warm, and checked the props with mask and snorkel. Fortunately the net had already released itself and was drifting away. To do more harm to other creatures or sailors?

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