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Maria Concordia - Arrived Bermuda

We have reached our first target: five and a half days at sea, about 860 nm covered. Unfortunately much time with little wind and then finally the last 150 nm the wind on the nose. Using the motor much, emptying diesel tanks, like other boats - not so great... However, what is much worse - on our way to a boatyard to have the last injector for the white smoking engine checked, both engines failed to deliver any power. It is not clear, why. The technicians will hopefully assess this tomorrow. The boatyard sent two guys to tow us in. One on them hit our boat hard and tore some of the "bumper" off. Finally the generator stopped working too. We just wanted to change the impeller, which was missing - the first spare part we needed that was not on the boat! Checking the oil routinely I saw water in the oil. This could be another major issue. The ARC Rally will leave Bermuda Wednesday 15. My gut feeling is, that we will not get all these diesel issues sorted out by then. A rather sad day.

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