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Maria Concordia - Log Bermuda

Maria Concordia won second prize in the leg from Tortola to Bermuda! A fine bottle of Gosling rum, nice and local. Bermuda is a lovely island, very British, great public transport system, every garden could compete with a Botanical Garden in other countries, lush and green. Beautiful villas all around and the view out to turquoise, shallow waters. No misjudged architectural experiments. All houses have white painted stone roofs. Not only does this look nice and bright, it allows to collect rain water - also used in rum production by Gosling! Definitely a place worth visiting. 

So far the good news. Unfortunately ARC will start tomorrow without us. My crew has jumped ship and I am looking for support as there is a minimum requirement of two crew. Volunteers welcome! The previously reported net caught in the starboard propeller has unfortunately damaged the prop and I am waiting for a replacement to be shipped hopefully before the weekend. Then a lot of water was inexplicably found in the generator oil and the fuel injector pump of the genny now needs replacing. 

Will keep you posted when we leave!

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