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Diamonds Are Forever
Owner Girls for Sail
Design Elan 37
Length Overall 11 m 70 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1007L

White hulled Elan 37 with blue stickers at the stern.

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Diamonds Are Forever - A French Liason

We were treated to a wonderful dinner by our skipper Lizzy this evening. As we settled into our watch enjoying the peacefullness of the night we saw a boat comming up on our stern moving swiftly through the water. A friendly French sailor on his way to Barbados. He gybed and quickly dissappeared into the nights horizon. As morning approached we were busy preparing to launch the kite. Once launched and cleaning our lines we realised a flying fish had chosed to join our crew. Wewf!! He willingly went back into the waters where he came from. We have enjoyed flying the kite and putting some miles between Las Palmas and St Lucia. Each degree we make westward we celebrate!Amy. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - close encounters

And so the trade winds gently carry us to our destination. Life on board has continued in its routine of watches, cooking, cleaning, eating and sleeping. Still, our group of fabulous ladies is united. Not a crossed word has been spoken and my admiration and respect for them knows no bounds. We are counting down the longitudional minuites whilst starting to imagine our arrival in St Lucia with all that means. Party, rum, shower or food? The order of importance changes throughout the day. Overnight gave us some cause for a cheer as we caught up with and overtook another ARC yacht (who shall remain nameless!). Alone for so long in this massive expance of ocean, then suddenly, within less than point three of a nauticle mile, a sprint race was underway! Cheers coupled with every so slight. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - ode to a fish

Fishy smell and no plus daysA flying fish had gone astrayUp and down, while westward weavingMy senses, they were not decievingWhile wandering on the coach roofLooking for more cluesSara found the culpritA mess of fishy bluesNot exactly treasureIt even hit the sailRe-united, undividedOnwards west we sailThe treasure hunt, it was designedTo add some competitionBut as port team lost the gameThere was a new decisionThe penalty was buckets of cold water on the headBut with negotiation, water went elsewhere insteadCold water,felt like 22And while the breeze was lightAli found a new hair dobefore we'd fly the kiteNancys food amazingShe was crowned "Mother Queen"Luna claimed it first timeA cabbage her mouth had seenA quiet 24 hour stintExcept for 2 o'clockPerhaps the crew were practicing Some. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - wind in the wind hole

Wind is not a mythical thing. We were beginning to think so and then suddenly Tuesday night, wind found our bobbing boat and we took off! The weather predictions by MAT are being questioned around here. They said this time of year to expect trade winds, but we still haven't found them yet, the GRIB said we're in a wind hole but were travelling in 12 knots of wind, beautiful. Due to wind in the wind hole Sara had to change her menu for lunch because of the heeling of the boat, but the resulting banana sandwiches brought back childhood memories for Felicity and Alice. On Tuesday we swam in the Atlantic, amazing. Hair was washed and we felt beautiful and less stinky! Luna and Alice swam around the boat enjoying the chance to cool down and move. That evening the bio-luminescence was really. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - Diamonds in the rough...

From a glassy, quiet mid (ish) Atlantic, hello from Diamonds! Sorry we have been out of touch for solong, Sat phone issues left us sailing blind for the first week, but now we are back and ready to go. Some weather information would not have gone amiss before yesterday but, hey, we are still here! A hugecommendment to my crerw, they did not even blink an eye as our communications went awol on the first evening of the race, choosing instead to give it a slight gailic shrug and get on with the more important matters like chosing there bunk for the night (do you want to spoon the banannas or get cozy with the oranges?) and keeping the boat moving (with a few pressure boline lessons thrown into the mix).I can now happily report that all 8 of us (yes 8 - on our Elan 37) are well and truely. read more...

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