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Diamonds Are Forever
Owner Girls for Sail
Design Elan 37
Length Overall(m) 11m 70 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR 1007L

White hulled Elan 37 with blue stickers at the stern.

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Hot Stuff - Fairies of the lost Arc - Chapter 1

Prologue: To bring you all up to speed ....   1 yacht. 9 women. 1 crazy night dressed as fairies. 1 week of boat prep.400 pieces of fruit and veg. 48 hours at sea.  Now to introduce the crew (fellow twinklets): #1 Nikki el capitan. Head of the ‘watchdogs’. #2 Emma - in charge of keeping the capitan in order. Leader of the'Nightowl' watch #3 Sarah - chief impersonator and leader of the 'Squirrel' watch #4 Karen - our rock. She supplies enough fairy dust to keep us all happyand moralle high #5 Claire - Owns the Hotstuff salon - beauty technician, social secerataryand head of decor - unfortunately capitan says fairy lights are a fire hazard :( #6 Sue - mummy twinklet. Her domain is the fridge; she is yet to show usher sons body building techniques! #7 Charlotte - our youngest. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - Day 3: Watches and pleasant weather

 Watches take a bit of getting used to. They start at 6am with 3 x 4 hour watches, then at 6pm it changes to 4 x 3 hour watches.  So at night you have to power nap for approx 2.5 hours in between watches and literally de-kit at the top of the companion way stairs and throw yourself face first into bed, shut your eyes to try and get to sleep, during the day you get 3.5 hours sleep in between.  It’s really quite amazing what you learn to be able to sleep with; life jacket, sails, grab emergency bag, bananas hanging 2 inches from your face, coats, flags, water bottles, oh and mostly at an angle or rolling around. Much more stable in the vom department thank goodness, so Sam on mother duty today, Cathy looking a lot more human, Jackie, Caroline and Blatch on the helm for. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - Day 2: The Vom Trapp Family - the hills are alive to the sound of barfing

Since day 1 was such a raging success with immense weather, maximum sea sickness, broken fridge, ripped main sail, bimini attempting to go overboard and jerry can making a run for it dangling off the port side, day 2 was proving to be a resounding success. The watch system started and so did operation clean up.  Jackie was on mother watch as she was the only crew member who could manage to make a whole meal and cuppas without going green, so definitely deserves the ‘Guts of Steel’ award for keeping us all fed and watered. J rustled up egg fried rice with stir fried veg then bacon, mash and beans which wasn’t bad going considering 90% of the meat had just gone overboard. Day 2 thankfully also saw the vomit count subside somewhat and replaced with ‘near barf experiences’:. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - Churning Stomachs, Churning Seas

Song of the Day: Meatloaf – Bat out of HellSo on Tuesday at 0330 we left our berth in Las Palmas to restart the ARC 2012, Coyote 2 closely followed behind us and EH01 a few hours behind.After searching around we eventually found our approximate start and turned the engine off and got going, we flew down the island making it to the southern end by about lunchtime. It was a beautiful day as we sat wondering when it would sink in that we had actually left!We saw our first pod of dolphins that followed and played with us for a little while as Penny took the helm. Jackie took to mother duty very well and made sure we were fed and watered and happy. As the sun was just about to set the wind started to pick up so we decided to put our third reef in to make the sail smaller. Unfortunately. read more...


Diamonds Are Forever - The adventure begins! (A little later than planned!)

7 girls, one race and almost 3000 nautical miles of sea to cross from Gran Canaria to St Lucia.  Common objective of the crew: to have fun while sailing across the Atlantic, improve sailing ability and no doubt a bit of self discovery will ensue. The Arcettes Harriet leading the charge this year as skipper of Diamonds, Penny as first mate and the motley crew of Jackie and Sam and the 3 career breakers Clare, Caroline and Cathy.  The week before the race consisted of the 7 us prepping the boat and team building (also known as partying).  Annie rocked up to oversee provisioning, and we were allocated different responsibilities for on and offshore. Sam – dry provisions and daily boat walk to check for chafing of lines, metal wear etcCaroline - wet provisions. read more...

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