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Owner Derek Saunders
Design Corby 45
Length Overall 13 m 72 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR8248

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Ocean Venture - Blog

24 November 2015 Fish count: zero It’s day 2 and we’re off and running!  We set off on Sunday at 12:45pm with 35 knots of wind and a fairly choppy sea. Despite some pretty big waves the crew have all now got their sea legs.   Winds have been good for the most part, although moving around a little, and we have been making the best part of 200 miles per day.  We are now officially 2nd in our division. We had the older of our two spinnakers up yesterday and managed to get it back in successfully without getting it in the sea – great team effort.  We’ve now changed our genoa to a larger one to increase sail area. We’ve had the fishing line out in hope of some big fish. The ARC guide tells us there are blue marlin and tuna in this area and we’ve. read more...


Incisor - Incisor daily blog 12-12-2013

Only 29 miles to go!! It’s all getting very exciting, we still can’t see Martinique yet as it is cloudy and squally today but in the next couple of miles we should start seeing the outline. Since we have hit 60 miles we have been imagining the rest of the race as a round the island race, at the moment we think we are at St. Catharine’s point quickly heading for Bembridge Ledge! It would be nice if all round the Island races were this sunny all the way round! We are still going along with just a main up as we are going dead downwind with up to 25knts and making a steady 12knts towards St. Lucia. When we get to our waypoint which is at the northern tip we will reach down into Rodney bay and head for the finish line.We apologise for not writing a blog yesterday but. read more...


Incisor - Incisor daily blog 10-12-2013

The evening started out so clear with, for the first time a moon lighting up the way. But as the night progressed the big black clouds started to come over and bring lots more wind with them. We had gusts of up to 30knts. We just had to survive the night before we could get butch down. But the gods of the black clouds decided differently and blew a gust our way forcing us to take him down. After being practically stationary and heeled right over for 2 minutes in the gust, we managed to damage the steering cable. As the gust passed and had had time to gather our thoughts and got back on track our steering cable actually broke. Luckily we have the full proof plan of having two steering wheels so we were able to keep on going while Derek, Rich, Hazel and Kat fixed it (with the help of Josh. read more...


Incisor - Incisor daily blog 9-12-2013

Bonjour!It’s certainly a party on board as we are only 592 miles away! We really are trucking along eating up these miles. To treat ourselves for doing so well we have had a bottle of sprite which was very welcome. We are averaging a 9.5 VMG which is all very exciting. It has been a day of treats as we have also had a Christmas mix of dried fruit and delicious sugar coated peanuts. For breakfast we had a mid Atlantic delicacy of giant cola bottles, dried apricots and chorizo pieces. I can’t say any of us will be having that again. Only at sea.It was a fast and furious ready money night surfing through the waves in a pitch black night topping out at 15knts of boat speed. At night it all seems a lot faster especially when you can’t actually see anything. The night did. read more...


Incisor daily blog 8-11-2013

Hello everyone!Well, we are certainly eating up the miles today. We haven’t been under 9knts all day! We keep telling ourselves, only a Fastnet and the delivery back to go! We have been reaching most of the day which makes it feel as though we are going even faster. After a lighter patch last night the wind is back up to a steady 13knts and due to increase this evening and through till we get to St. Lucia. All those boats North of us are now getting into that light patch we have been trying to avoid this whole time so hopefully we should cover some ground against them in the next few days. We have had lots of sail changes today and we really are getting pretty slick at them now! Derek likes to keep us busy you see. No idle bodies on this boat that’s for sure.Derek has been carrying out. read more...

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