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Incisor - blog Thursday 06.12.2018

Hello everyone,
apologies for this late daily update - at 11am GMT we discovered a 1m long tear in the main sail. to avoid to lose the whole sail for good, we took it down and repaired whilst continuing on the asymmetric spinnaker. 3 hrs later the main sail has been back up again.
Now, we just had some breakfast and are back enjoying ourselves in the sun. we have blue sky, 15 knots of wind from 090 degr east and go with approx 8 knots on a COG of 280 degr.
The night was again very dark (no moon) providing us a spectacular view on the sky above with numerous shooting stars. Same as during the previous nights the wind speeds seems to pick up from 15-18 knots during the day to up to 22 kn gusting 25 kn at night - lots of action while going by the instruments only. Piece of cake for Gaby the Autopilot. Derek surfed at 16 kn for something that felt like a minute. Also, we met another sailing boat (SEA VIEW) passing behind us a couple of hundred meters - the Atlantic is small..
It seems we are steadily making about 200nm VMG per day. with currently 700nm to go to St. Lucia we expect to arrive during the night Sunday to Monday. Will they still serve us rum punch?
Regarding our positioning we have only limited data available, i.e. positions of all boats at 12 noon GMT via a daily email from the ARC (no YB races app out here). According to this we know that the last couple of days we have been able to defend a third place against HERMES and  NICA. Fingers crossed we can hold that place! Sandra and Derek have put together a great team that deserves it!
All the best
Daniel for Team INCISOR

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