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Owner Valerio Bardi
Design Swan 46 Mk II
Length Overall 14 m 38 cm
Flag Ireland
Sail Number IRL1634

Swan 46MKII

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Milanto - log 1/2/3

2,700 miles, eight fools, & one shipDAY ONE"nervous energy of anticipation" - Ed"real gun on a warship as the starting gun" - William"very impressive" - Steve"mayhem" - Till"nothing special" - JimDAY TWO"beautiful boat" - Ed"settling on the boat" - Sass"watching another boat being tossed and lifted and turned" - Till "in the morning Venus was so bright it threw its light on the water" - Steve"it was the moonlight, absolutely magical, I wanted to play Beethoven's moonlight sonata" - William"I did a bit of swearing after throwing up at night" - SteveDAY THREE"three score meals" - Sass"getting into a routine" - Ed"first on deck shower" - Steve"write something about the stars!" - Jim"you catch your fish and you eat it" - William"Vale stinging and dancing behind the wheel" - Till"sleep. read more...


Milanto - Milanto 16th day dec 9th

Here is Herbert again on board of MILANTO on her cruise to St.Lucia.14 23 387N 5829 554W, another 145nm to go.With calm winds we have beenflying the spinnaker now for almost 3 days day and night. Chasing the sun during the day and chasing the moon during the night. The GPS calculates, that we will reach our destination in app 24 hours. Only two night watches more to go. Only one day more on deck. Only one sunset and one sunrise more. Hopefully the sunshine accompanies us till Rodney Bay.We are thinkingalready about all the stuff we have to sort out for our arrival,likefixing the number on the side of the boat, preparing for immigration, etc.. I am trying to slow down the motion of sun and moon - everything went so fast so far, almost at home.#Best regards,Ahoi HerbertPS Done so much. read more...


Milanto - Milanto

Here is Herbert again on board of MILANTO on her cruise to St.Lucia.15 51 221N 53 34 206W, 441nM to go.The days have been calm and partly sunny, during the night we caught some beatings. We passed trough huge black cathedrals made of air and humidity, based on dark grey columns of rain, illuminated by mysterious bolts of light, without thunder. I don't know how many times I jumped into my oilskin and out again. we celebrated St.Nicholaus-day with the cookies Josef brought with him and we had numerous fishing-adventures. first we lost - already on the reeling - a huge MahiMahi. Josef fighted it till it was almost on board, just when we wanted to lift it up, the hook broke loose. what a pity. but next day Valerio got a 20kg Wahoo - a brilliant looking fish and today we caught first a small. read more...


Milanto - Milanto Log

buongiorno  after the morning routine of cleaning and maintenance of the various pumps and filters x the soft water sustems, coffees, teas and various breakfasts everyone lay down on the deck to enjoy the sun and the wind  , which thank goodness is continuing meaning that we are travelling fast towards St Lucia f. The spinnaker is resting, reaching with white sails and jazz music, The Tropics are like that, we have lunch and eat supper , change the lures on our fishing rods  but not a fish in sight. Well , not quite we lost one around 15kgs. yesterday -we tried to get it on board for over an hour but finally the hook broke and it slipped back into the sea. What a pity!  So as I said everyone around me looks like they are at the beach. half asleep. read more...


Milanto - log 11 day 4th dec 2014

Here is Herbert again from aboard MILANTO on her cruise to St.LuciaI tricked you with my last blog - there is no 31st of nov! but here you loose any feeling for time and calendar - sorry.9 02 325 N, 45 04 860 W, only another 959nM till St.Lucia to go.4 fish took the bait but we could not get them on board because of our speed. what a pity - i am so much looking forward to have some fresh fish again. it tasted so beautiful.Dolphines accompanied our boat for more than an hour, chasing the bow, app 20 of them. while I watched their joyful game, I had the the impression, that this is a perfect moment in life. sailing under the blue sky, in this cobalt blue ocean, watching the fins of the dolphins coming out of the water and diving in again in a perfect motion, two, three sometimes for of. read more...

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