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Milanto - Milanto

Here is Herbert again on board of MILANTO on her cruise to St.Lucia.

15 51 221N 53 34 206W, 441nM to go.

The days have been calm and partly sunny, during the night we caught some beatings. We passed trough huge black cathedrals made of air and humidity, based on dark grey columns of rain, illuminated by mysterious bolts of light, without thunder. I don't know how many times I jumped into my oilskin and out again. we celebrated St.Nicholaus-day with the cookies Josef brought with him and we had numerous fishing-adventures. first we lost - already on the reeling - a huge MahiMahi. Josef fighted it till it was almost on board, just when we wanted to lift it up, the hook broke loose. what a pity. but next day Valerio got a 20kg Wahoo - a brilliant looking fish and today we caught first a small Dorada in the morning and then a yellowfin-thuna with app 8kg. the Dorada provided us a lovely lunch.

On the chartplotter we can almost touch our goal. it seems so close already, so many miles done. I am already a little sentimental, that the days past so quick, and only a few more to go. This may be an expensive way to travel in an uncomfortable way! The bunks are small and narrow, the bathroom facilities are basic, the so-called "kitchen" needs magicians to brew a cup of tea, no decent wineglasses and the food is served with plastic dishes - but this wonderful unimaginable balcony, with the 360-degree-view, with the day- and the night sky in all directions, unlimited, with floating horizont, an evermoving landscape allaround. not to be topped with the best view of any highrise.

Looking forward to enjoy the last days. 

All the best from all of us to all of you,



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