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Owner Global Yacht Racing
Design Beneteau First 47.7
Length Overall(m) 14m 80 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR4778R

EH01 is Global Yacht Racing's flagship yacht. Global Yacht Racing offers individuals and groups the chance to get on board and become part of a great race team participating in major regattas and offshore races around the world. We believe that with the right training and motivation 'anyone can do it!'
Past results include 1st in division and 1st overall in the ARC 2010, 2nd in class RORC Caribbean 600 2011, 3rd in class Antigua Sailing Week 2011, 2nd in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 07, 2nd BVI Regatta 2008 and 2012.

EH01 will be campaigning in all the major Caribbean Regattas in 2014 and is available for individuals or whole boat charter Call(+44)0845 634 1452 for information or email info@globalyachtracing.com

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EH01 - Day 14 & 15

  Hello hellohello from the sun soaked Atlantic..   We have nowsailed 2700nm which is so amazing and have 430nm to go..!! The mood ishigh on EH01 as the crew are getting some overdue sun and R&R “off watch”and working our behinds off “on watch”” to make up any additional miles that wecan.  TheAtlantic really has a split personality: one day she is sending squall aftersquall and the crew are exhausted, bruised and battered and the next day all isforgiven and she is sending great winds with lovely sunshine. Andras said thathe has never encountered so many squalls on a crossing , he is lucky we are sucha well oiled crew.! On watch thismorning our crew were all watching the squall cloud-line and it was so great aswe were able to keep the kite up for as long as possible and. read more...


EH01 - Day 11, 12 & 13

 Hello fansof the good ship EH01, thanks again for tuning into us.   Sorry againabout the delay, can`t seem to get the blog out every day as between sailing,doing boat chores, cleaning, cooking, on watch and sleeping there hasn`t been aspare minute.! Did someone mention that the ARC was a cruising rally..?!  Again we have had anamazing, chaotic, fulfilling and tiring few days and we left you guys onThursday night where we celebrated reaching the 1350nm halfway mark with someslices of chocolate (not too many.!) and coffee under a black sometime starrysky.!   Friday 2nddawned like a grey day in the Solent or West Cork: it was very rainy with someominous clouds and like a hot yoga studio below in the saloon. The watchesare getting very tuned into reading the weather. read more...


EH01 - Day 8,9 & 10

Hello hello hello from the good ship EH01- any suggestions for a new namewould be great, our crew offerings are only suitable for the watershed.!   Well as Ronan Keating puts it “Life is a rollercoaster” and this certainlybeen true on EH01 for the last few days. We have encountered a wide range ofweather from Atlantic squalls to boat becalming which is frustrating when we areagainst the clock to our destination. Also the 4 hour watch system doesn`t geteasier and due to lack of sleep each of the crew have their grumpy moments butwe are all helping each other through it. i.e telling the grumpy person to get agrip .!   If you want a detox and also a weight-loss sailing experience send the 2thinnest people on the boat to get provisions, Andras and Jimbo, not a cm ofexcess fat. read more...


EH01 - Day 7-8

Apologies for the delay – we’ve been busy sun bathing, fishing, cooking andwhale watching...but our in-house blogger will tell you more about that. We’ve been in light and very fluky winds since Saturday and have made onlyvery slow progress. It looks like the boats ahead of us got into a better breezeearlier and disappeared while we’ve been working hard to keep the boat moving.Based on the latest forecast we should be in slightly stronger winds fromtomorrow and pick up the pace. Our routing shows that we still have to headsouth-west for another day or two and then we can turn directly to St Lucia. Weall look forward to seeing proper trade wind conditions.   Hello hello from EH01 Marketing Director. Well that was what the Performance Yacht Racing brochure promised... OnSaturday night. read more...


EH01 - Day 6

Greetingsfrom the EH01 team.   All is wellon board and crew are in good spirits despite 4 seasons of weather in the last24hours. Andras is managing us well as he sleeps with one eye open and he popsout the hatch like a “meercat” as he does not like us to be off course as thiscould result in us getting into a wind hole.Each of thewatches have sailed through big squalls up to 30knots where there is novisibility and quadraple rain. we are all helping each other calling wind speed,wind angles, course and boats speed. One the watches calls “Bingo” when thecorrect wind angle has been reached, this has been funny in the pouring rain andwinds. Sailing in squalls is a great experience for all of us and they come andgo within 20 minutes leaving us all physically wrecked and totally soaked. read more...

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