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Owner Global Yacht Racing
Design Beneteau First 47.7
Length Overall(m) 14m 80 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR4778R

EH01 is Global Yacht Racing's flagship yacht. Global Yacht Racing offers individuals and groups the chance to get on board and become part of a great race team participating in major regattas and offshore races around the world. We believe that with the right training and motivation 'anyone can do it!'
Past results include 1st in division and 1st overall in the ARC 2010, 2nd in class RORC Caribbean 600 2011, 3rd in class Antigua Sailing Week 2011, 2nd in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 07, 2nd BVI Regatta 2008 and 2012.

EH01 will be campaigning in all the major Caribbean Regattas in 2014 and is available for individuals or whole boat charter Call(+44)0845 634 1452 for information or email info@globalyachtracing.com

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EH01 - LOG DAY 5 - First Catch

We’ve had a mixed couple of days with still several squalls on Wednesdayand then very light winds especially yesterday and last night. Conditions havebeen a little exhausting for everyone, as we had to keep changing head sails andputting reefs in and then shaking them out on a regular basis. However, theweather seems to be settling now with 15 knots of easterly, north easterly windwhich allows us to run fairly close to our rhumb line After a few hick ups with our kite hoist yesterday, today we have it up,for the first time, and cruising along nicely. It is also getting warmer andwarmer so we have been having regular salt water showers to refreshourselves. Yesterday evening, just before the sun went down, we caught our first fish,a nice Dorado. Paddy and I managed to get it on board and. read more...


EH01 - LOG DAY 3 - Fast Ride

We have had a fantastic couple of days sailing. After the initial hick upsduring the first day the crew settled into the watch system nicely and they feelmore and more confident about sailing the boat. Conditions have been a littlechallenging due to the rolling waves bouncing the boat while poled out and allthis accompanied with regular squalls, especially last night, occasionallybringing 35-40 knots of wind with them. All this leading to a little bit ofexhaustion among the crew. However, this morning we were all very happy to learn that the honourableand good ship EH01 was one of the fastest boat in her class over the last 24hours, almost making 200 nautical miles and slowly catching up with ourfleet. Night sailing have been fantastic with a very bright full moon giving uslight through. read more...


EH01 - Log day 1 - Epic start

Hello World,   The good ship EH01 is now over her first 24 hour sail in this year’s ARCrace. We had a fantastic send off yesterday. Many people were cheering andsinging, DJs were playing while all the boats were leaving the marina in LasPalmas. EH01 crew was very excited and ready to sail across the big pond. The start was amazing with hundreds of boats circling around outside themarina waiting for their respective starts.  It was a fairly breezy day andwe encountered even more after the first 2-3 hours of the race. The wind pickedup to 35-40 knots in the acceleration zone on the south-east side of the islandwhich kept boats and their crews on their toes. Boats were broaching, droppingsails around us, kites were blown up so it was definitely an action packedafternoon. We also. read more...


EH01 - So close you can almost smell it!

Hi Everyone,Another entry after no sleep for the last 24 hours or so... So please excuse general English and grammar por favor...After what has seemed like the longest 48 hours this trip, I am pleased to say the good ship EH01 is back on the move towards our final destination. We managed to keep the boat moving south yesterday to sail a slightly faster angle towards Barbados, with the wind starting to fill in around midnight last night. After running most of the day yesterday under our kite we took it down as the wind filled to around 15-20 knots in the early hours of this morning. We switched our rig to a poled out headsail and have been cruising along nicely since at around 8 knots. The wind is at a slightly awkward angle, blowing directly from the east meaning that if we sail directly. read more...


EH01 - Dear Sun... Where have you gone?!?

Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone... I don't even know what time of day it is its so dark outside,Well we have had an interesting night on board EH01. We had a fantastic days sailing yesterday under white sails and headed into the night hoping for it to continue. We knew some of the people ahead of us had headed into lighter breezes so we all saw the opportunity to make some good gains. As usual, as soon as the sun starts to set... the squalls seem to arrive. Every half an hour for the whole night they came and went giving us a real good soaking and providing some stiff breezes. We had shortened sail early in the night putting in a couple of reefs and hoisting our number 4 headsail and we were powering along nicely at around 8-9 knots. We managed to maintain this speed for a good 10-12. read more...

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