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Owner Kia Rahmani
Design African Cat 445
Length Overall 13 m 99 cm
Flag Malta
Sail Number

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Sabine - sabine blog update

Hello interweb friends, Captain Stape on sail boat Sabine right here (///unrelenting.aerobatic.doll) Exciting days! We made water yesterday, about 70l to top up one of our tanks. And even though Richard changed the main power cables before we set off, nothing broke - yay! (Richard is deeply suspicious of the WM as previously it hasn’t proven to be the most reliable piece of kit - fortunately we still have another full water tank and more than enough potted drinking water if it fails, but think of the smell after another 2 weeks - pooeeeyyy!)After a smidgen of faffage with ropes and buckets, the spinnaker is now flying and pulling us along. We just need a few more knots of wind and we’ll be flying!Seems the skipper is preparing the Mahi-Mahi fillets for consumption - everyone is looking. read more...


Sabine - Sabine update for 24/11/22

Hello interweb friends, Captain Stape on sail boat Sabine right here (///formally.precipitously.revelations), bringing you up to date news on Sabine and her crew. First the crew: Kia the skipper from Guam, Polina from USA (Kia’s SWMBO), John from USA, Richard from U.K., and me, the ship’s parrot. Well, weren’t the first 48hrs fun?!? (this being a new meaning of the word fun that really pushes the boundaries!) Most of the crew got through this unscathed, but Richard was regularly and frequently examining the contents of his stomach for the first 24hrs.Luckily Kia (also ships surgeon) took pity and issued meds that helped. But boy oh boy, what a dramatic start! When things started to calm down, and Richard could actually eat and drink without violently rejecting it, the sun came out and. read more...

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